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EU-Colombia-Peru FTA Criticized

Prensa Latina, Cuba

EU-Colombia-Peru FTA Criticized

By Harald Neuber

10 June 2012

Berlin (Prensa Latina) The director of the weekly newspaper Voz, organ of the Colombian Communist Party, Carlos Lozano, described the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) recently signed between the European Union (EU) and Colombia as "very negative".

In an interview with Prensa Latina in Berlin, Lozano stated that the FTA " contributes to strengthen violence from power, violate human rights and to deepen the division between the rich and the poor."

The EU Council signed last week an FTA project that has to be passed by the European Parliament in Brussels.

This FTA will give more power to economic groups and transnationals who have been allied to paramilitaries and violent groups, said Lozano, who recently was threat by extreme right-wing terrorist groups.

at the same time some European NGOs protested against the project of an FTA between the EU, Colombia and Peru.

According to Hanni Gramann, from the ATTAC German social movement, " the FTA backs an economic model advocating unlimited tapping of natural resources."

This transnational policy will strengthen social and ecological conflicts in atin American countries, Gramann stated.

Other NGOs such as PowerShift and Seattler-2-Brussels Network also asked the EU to change its economic policy towards developing countries.