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Fiji : NGOs want more consultation

NGO’s want more consultation

Friday September 10, 2004

Non-Governmental Organisation’s and regional civil society organizations are concerned that not enough thought is being given to trade agreements, says Pacific Network on Globalization coordinator Stanley Simpson.

Simpson says a submission will be handed to the Fiji delegation before today’s launch of the Economic Partnership Agreement in Nadi between the Pacific ACP states and European Union.

Simpson says the claim that free trade agreements will alleviate poverty and bring greater peace and security - is false.

"Lots of these agreements have been signed without much public discussion and debate without much it going through Parliament which we feel is part of the transparent and good government process. We feel lot of the people in the country don’t know what we have signed on to," says Simpson.

Our country has signed these free trade agreements without consultation and debate taking place, says Simpson.

"This process has come through the agreement that we have signed already PICTA and PACER, two agreements that have vast and far reaching consequences for the Pacific Island countries," says Simpson.

 source: Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited