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Foxley arrives in Australia to sign Free Trade Agreement

El Mercurio, Chile

Foxley arrives in Australia to sign Free Trade Agreement

28 July 2008

SANTIAGO.- Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley arrived in Sydney, Australia today, where he will attend various activities, which include the signing of a Free Trade Agreement with the nation.

Foxely stated that the agreement is designed to allow Chile and Australia to work together in order to compete within the Asian market.

“We are going to sign a Free Trade Agreement with a country that is very similar to ours because the message is that we don’t really want to compete against them, but would rather like join forces”, declared the state secretary.

“The reason is obvious; we are both looking towards the Asian-Pacific region. We have free trade agreements with all of the Asian countries and we are not going to have the have the capacity to provide sufficient level supply”, he added.

According to Radio Cooperativa, the pact will be signed on Wednesday of this week in the Australian capital city of Canberra. After the agreement is ratified by the Congresses of both nations, it will enter into effect on January 1st of next year.