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FTA case profiled in US magazine

New Zealand United States Council

Media release - 9 October 2006

FTA case profiled in US magazine

New Zealand’s case for a free trade agreement with the United States is the subject of an article in the latest edition of the New Zealand Magazine which is distributed primarily in the United States as well as in New Zealand

Entitled “For the greater good” the article is co-authored by NZ US Council Chairman Jim Bolger and US NZ Council President John Mullen. The article takes as its starting point a quote from the British politician Richard Cobden who said in 1857 “free trade is God’s diplomacy ...there is no other certain way of uniting people in the bonds of peace”.

NZ US Council Executive Director Stephen Jacobi says that while the American trade negotiating agenda is full at present it is important to keep stating New Zealand’s case for an FTA.

“The New Zealand Magazine is bought by 20,000 Americans who are about to visit New Zealand, have been here or are interested in investing here. It is also read by New Zealanders living in the United States. This article is part of the Council’s ongoing work in developing a strong and well-informed constituency for New Zealand in the United States”.

In the article Jim Bolger and John Mullen explore the background to the FTA. They make the point that an FTA between the two countries is not just about increasing two way trade and investment.

“A US/NZ FTA would demonstrate to other countries in the Asia Pacific region the economic gains that can be realised when two economies of vastly different size and strength choose to align themselves economically to the benefit of their workers and consumers”.

NZ Magazine publisher Marty Behrens says the publication is enjoying strong sales in the US and since August has also been on sale in New Zealand.

“New Zealand Magazine appeals to high-income, North American travel and lifestyle enthusiasts. This audience is informed and influential and we expect them to be interested in the debate on free trade with New Zealand.”

A copy of the full article is available at and at - please click on “Free Trade” right on the magazine cover.

 source: Scoop