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Guatemalans march against US FTA

Prensda Latina, 24 Feb 2006

Guatemalans March Against US FTA

Guatemala, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of union members, farmers, women, indigenous and representatives of other Guatemalan sectors marched in front of the US Embassy Friday chanting "No to the TLC (Spanish for free trade treaty).

"We are here to reject the TLC because it attacks small and mid-size national businesses and the right to health, since cheaper generic medicines would disappear," one speaker said.

Demonstrators burned a US flag in protest of what is seen as US intrusion in Guatemala, "We don’t want to be a US colony" was another chant, and against the anti-immigrant policy of the US.

A farmer from San Marcos told Prensa Latina this treaty would bring more rural poverty because Guatemalan agricultural produce cannot compete with US-subsidized products.

The marchers walked over three miles from Obelisco, south of the capital, to historic Constitution Court to hand over a formal appeal to stop the agreement from being enforced.

 source: Prensa Latina