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Hertell discards problems with DR-CAFTA

Dominican Today

Hertell discards problems with DR-CAFTA

7 March 2006

Santo Domingo.- United States ambassador Hans Hertell discarded yesterday that there existed “obstacles” to entering the Free Trade Agreement with the US and Central America (DR-CAFTA), notwithstanding admitting that there are still certain challenges to be faced.

He affirmed that his country works together with Dominicans to making the agreement a reality.

Hertell has maintained that the DR-CAFTA will offer local entrepreneurs new opportunities and tools to make their entities more competitive, in addition to fomenting new job posts.

“The Dominican Republic announced that the date for implementing the accord was the 1st of July, and we are working jointly to meet this schedule; there are challenges, but we should not speak of problems as such,” affirmed the diplomat.

Hertell stated that the Dominican Industry and Commerce Ministry works in coordination with the US Trade Office to resolve any type of difficulty that may come up.