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The European Union and Thailand sign Partnership and Cooperation Agreement

Council of the European Union | 14 December 2022

Indo-Pacific: The European Union and Thailand sign Partnership and Cooperation Agreement

Today, the European Union and Thailand signed the EU-Thailand Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) in Brussels.

This agreement will enhance the political dialogue on issues of global concern and will give more scope for mutually-beneficial cooperation in a wide number of policy areas, including the environment, energy, climate change, transport, science and technology, trade, employment and social affairs, human rights, education, agriculture, non-proliferation, counter-terrorism, the fight against corruption and organised crime, migration and culture. It will frame EU - Thai relations in the years to come.

High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell said: "Thailand is a longstanding partner for the EU in Asia. With the Agreement signed today we will be strengthening our dialogue and cooperation. The signing of the PCA shows the importance and the potential of our bilateral relations. The EU and Thailand are committed to working together in support of the rules-based international order as well as to advancing regional prosperity and stability.”

The signing ceremony marks the successful closure of long negotiations. The Agreement was initialled on 2 September 2022 by the chief negotiators of the European Union and Thailand.

The PCA will enter into force once it has been ratified by the EU Member States and Thailand. The Agreement foresees the provisional application upon completion of the necessary procedures by both parties.

The EU was represented by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell Fontelles, and its Member States by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Thailand was represented by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Don Pramudwinai.


Thailand is the sixth ASEAN partner to finalise negotiations for a PCA with the EU following Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

The PCA with Thailand was first initialled in March 2013 but its signature was put hold in 2014 after the military take-over in the country. Following the Council Conclusions of 2019, the EU considered it appropriate to take steps towards broadening its engagement with Thailand by preparing for the timely signature of the PCA. The negotiations on the Agreement were resumed on 13 July 2021 and were concluded in September 2022. The Agreement was initialled in Brussels on 2 September 2022.

For the time being, EU – Thai cooperation is based on the 1980 EU – ASEAN Cooperation Agreement. The Agreement signed today will give EU – Thai relations a new legal foundation, which is more comprehensive, includes more sectors for cooperation and will respond better to current global challenges.

 EU-Thailand Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
 EU-Thailand Partnership and Cooperation Agreement(corrigendum/rectificatif: Polish language)

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 source: Council of the European Union