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ITUC emergency resolution on MC11 disaccreditation

ITUC | 1 December 2017

ITUC emergency resolution on MC11 disaccreditation

Today the ITUC General Council adopted an emergency resolution strongly condemning Argentina’s decision to deny accreditation to more than 60 civil society representatives to the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference. The text of the resolution:

‘The ITUC General Council was informed that the Argentine government blocked the participation of more than 60 representatives of trade unions and civil society to the World Trade Organization’s 11th Ministerial Conference (WTO MC11) which is to be hosted in Buenos Aires on 10-13 December. This decision is unprecedented in the history of the WTO, especially considering that it affects dozens of individuals and organisations.

The government’s decision was made public by the WTO Secretariat as the government did not even bother to inform those affected. The WTO Secretariat enquired the reason of this decision but the Argentine government declined to disclose it.

 The ITUC General Council strongly condemns the decision of the Argentine government to revoke the accreditation of more than 60 participants and requests the government to swiftly repeal this revocation.

 The Council is also deeply concerned now that Argentina is the host of the G20, and urges that such a practice will not be replicated in the G20 Summit and related events.’

 source: ITUC