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Korea-Australia FTA (2014)

Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade | 17 Feb 2014

Table of Contents
The Annexes in chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 20 and 21 are found in the relevant chapters.


1. Initial Provisions and Definitions

2. Trade in Goods
Annex 2-A Elimination of Customs Duties
Schedule of Tariff Commitments: Australia
Schedule of Tariff Commitments: Korea
Appendix 2-A-1 Tariff Rate Quotas

3. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures
Annex 3-A Schedule of Product Specific Rules
Annex 3-B Committee on Outward Processing Zones on the Korean Peninsula
Annex 3-C Data Elements for a Certificate of Origin
Annex 3-D Model Format

4. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation

5. Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

6. Trade Remedies
Annex 6-A Agricultural Safeguard Measures

7. Cross-Border Trade in Services
Annex 7-A Professional Services
Annex 7-B Audiovisual Co-Production

8. Financial Services
Annex 8-A Cross-Border Trade
Annex 8-B Specific Commitments

9. Telecommunications
Annex 9-A Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Services
Annex 9-B Exemptions from Section C: Additional Obligations Relating to Major Suppliers of Public Telecommunications Networks or Services

10. Movement of Natural Persons
Annex 10-A Specific Commitments on the Movement of Natural Persons
Appendix 10-A-1 List of Contractual Service Suppliers

11. Investment
Annex 11-A Customary International Law
Annex 11-B Expropriation
Annex 11-C Transfers
Annex 11-D Illustrative List of Australian Residency Requirements
Annex 11-E Possibility of a Bilateral Appellate Mechanism
Annex 11-F Submission of a Claim to Arbitration
Annex 11-G Foreign Investment Policy
Annex 11-H Service of Documents on a Party under Section B
Annex 11-I Taxation and Expropriation

12. Government Procurement
Annex 12-A Government Procurement

13.Intellectual Property Rights

14. Competition Policy

15. Electronic Commerce

16. Cooperation

17. Labour

18. Environment

19. Transparency

20. Dispute Resolution
Annex 20-A Code of Conduct
Annex 20-B Model Rules of Procedure
Attachment to Annex 20-B Model Rules of Procedure for Dispute Settlement Panel Proceedings

21. Institutional Provisions
Annex 21-A Committees and Working Groups

22- General Provisions and Exceptions

23. Final Provisions

Non Conforming Measures (Chapters 8, 10 and 11)

Annex I
Explanatory Notes
Schedule of Australia
Schedule of Korea

Annex II
Explanatory Notes
Schedule of Australia
Schedule of Korea

Annex III
Schedule of Australia
Schedule of Korea

Side Letters
Gambling and Betting Services - Korea to Australia
Gambling and Betting Services - Australia to Korea
Services and Investment - Korea to Australia
Services and Investment - Australia to Korea
Telecommunications - Korea to Australia
Telecommunications - Australia to Korea
UNCITRAL Transparency Rules - Korea to Australia
UNCITRAL Transparency Rules - Australia to Korea

Audiovisual Co-Production Agreement
An audiovisual co-production agreement delivers new commercial opportunities for the Australian film and television industry. Information on the Agreement is available at the Screen Australia website.

 source: DFAT