The Untapped Potential of EU-Africa Trade

23-Oct-2018Project Syndicate If the EU is to seize the economic opportunities that Africa offers, it will need to work with the continent’s leaders to forge a new kind of partnership that treats African countries as equals. Simply put, the new EU-Africa relationship must be based on trade, not aid.

Key issues

Challenging the far right’s nationalist opposition to free trade deals

20-Oct-2018 Rabble.caExtreme right-wing, anti-immigration and Islamophobic parties tend to oppose so-called "free trade" agreements.

Texts of agreements

1-Oct-2018  | United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement text (2018) As published by the Office of the US Trade Representative
19-Sep-2018  | China-Korea FTA As released by the Ministry of Commerce, China
5-Sep-2018  | Draft model investment dispute prevention and management protocol Drafted by the Energy Charter Secretariat
4-Sep-2018  | US-Korea FTA: Protocol amending the agreement (Sep 2018) As released by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy


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