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New leak of EU internal TTIP discussion (in German)

Both ENDS | 25 June 2015

New leak of EU Internal TTIP Discussion (in German)

This document (in German) was part of a package of documents that was leaked on a US based website on 24 June 2015. It seems to be an internal German document, classified as:

VS NfD (Verschlusssache-Nur für Dienstgebrauch)

It is reporting on an EU internal technical meeting on the ongoing TTIP negotiations that took place 14 -15 January 2015

Besides the EU commission (KOM) the meeting included government representatives of various EU member states (including Germany, UK, France, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden , Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic and potential others)

[underscores in red have been added and were not in the original leak ]

 source: Both ENDS