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NZ-Malaysia FTA (2009)

The Malaysia-New Zealand FTA was signed on 26 October 2009.

The agreement consists of:

The text of the agreement (PDF 304KB) containing commitments on Goods, Services, Investment, Movement of Business People, Intellectual Property, Economic Cooperation, Competition, Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures, Technical Barriers to Trade, Rules of Origin, Customs Cooperation, Trade Remedies, Dispute Settlement, Transparency, Institutional Provisions, General Exceptions and Final Provisions.

 Annex 1: Schedules of Tariff Commitments (PDF 2.46MB)
 Annex 2: Product Specific Rules (PDF 496KB)
 Annex 3: Procedures and Verification (PDF 66KB)
 Annex 4: Schedules on Specific Services Commitments (PDF 431KB)
 Annex 5: Most Favoured Nation Treatment Sectoral Coverage under Article 8.8 (PDF 20KB)
 Annex 6: Schedules of Movement of Natural Persons Commitments (PDF 314KB)
 Annex 7: Expropriation (PDF 12KB)
 Annex 8: Areas of Cooperation (PDF 20KB)

Other Instruments:

 Environment Agreement (PDF 37KB)
 Labour Agreement (PDF 63KB)
 MNZFTA/AANZFTA Relationship Side Letter (PDF 16KB)
 Alcoholic Beverages Side Letter (PDF 46KB)

 source: NZ MOFAT