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Panama rejects FTT with US

Prensa Latina | 4 March 2007

Panama Rejects FTT with US

Panama, Mar 4 (Prensa Latina) — The Popular Alternative Party (PAP) reported the Free Trade Treaty’s (FTT) negative effects on the economy and Panamanian society and in this way rejected its signing.

We call the popular, workers and producing organizations to get together against the initiative, noted the party’s communiqué.

The document also urged the National Assembly, (Parliament) not to ratify that project.

The FTT problem is that it does not only comprises mere agreements but also involve a multiplicity of aspects that affect national economy, pointed out the communiqué.

The Pact involves 22 chapters and every one of them is a treaty which implications are difficult to measure; the explanation document only has 177 pages.

The group call the attention because the agreement was only debated in English disregarding Panama official language, the Spanish.

It is important to notice how the treaty’s name was changed that proves the pact has lost prestige in the region, highlighted the paper.

The powers speak of Free trade falsely since it really impose an economic monopoly to the detriment of small nations, expressed the text.

Facing this situation, the PAP fight for prioritizing equal regional integration agreements like the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA).

 source: Prensa Latina