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Peru eyes trade deal with Russia - report

Dow Jones Newswires | 28.12.2011

Peru eyes trade deal with Russia - report

By Ryan Dube

LIMA -(Dow Jones)- Peru is looking to begin talks for a free trade agreement with Russia next year, following the World Trade Organization’s approval of Russia’s membership in the trade body earlier this month, newspaper Gestion reported on Tuesday.

"Russia is a country with a lot of potential for Peruvian exports," said Carlos Posada, Peru’s deputy trade minister.

In 2010, bilateral trade between Peru and Russia was worth $214 million, according to figures from Peru’s government.

Peru already has a number of free trade deals, including those with China and the U.S., the country’s main export markets. Trade deals with the European Union and Japan are expected to come into force in 2012, Gestion said.

 source: Dow Jones