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Peru, Korea to hold last round of FTA talks on August 30

Andina, Peru

Peru, Korea to hold last round of FTA talks on August 30

End of negotiations expected to be announced

13 August 2010

Lima, Aug. 13 (ANDINA). Peru and the Republic of Korea will hold the Fifth Round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations on August 30, and announce the end of negotiations, Foreign Minister and Tourism Martin Perez reported Friday.

“We’ll hold the fifth round of FTA negotiations on August 30th, and that day we’ll probably announce the end of negotiations, that’s what we expect,” he said.

Perez announced that Korea’s Foreign Trade Minister Kim Jong-hoon will arrive in Peru on August 28, which is a sign of Korea’s political will to conclude talks.

“The round of negotiations held in Washington (in July) was very fruitful, and I’d say that technically, we’ve practically finished, but there are some unresolved issues that have been worked on by videoconference, phone and e-mails,” said Perez.

In addition, Perez said that US authorities knew in advanced that the Peruvian government would need extra time to obtain the Congress’s approval of the new Forest and Wild Fauna Law.

“Communication with the United States is permanent and fluid. On the trip I made to Sapporo in Japan, on the occasion of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial Meeting, I spoke with US representatives on this issues”, he said.