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President Roh wants Economic Partnership Agreement with Mexico

Chosun Ilbo (Seoul) | July 25, 2005

President Roh Wants Economic Partnership Agreement With Mexico

President Roh Moo-hyun says he prefers an economic partnership agreement over a free trade pact with Mexico. In an interview with news daily "El Sol de Mexico," President Roh said he would propose a comprehensive economic partnership when he makes an official visit to the country in September.

The South Korean leader is reported to have suggested this idea when he met with the President of the Association of National Olympic Committees Mario Vazquez Rana in Seoul. In concept, the economic partnership agreement is said to be larger than a free trade agreement.

When President Roh meets with Mexican President Vincente Fox this fall, the two leaders are expected to discuss ways to expand cooperation in energy, science and technology.

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 source: Chosun Ilbo