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Senator considers Colombia-EU FTA harmful, illegal

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Senator Considers Colombia-EU FTA Harmful, Illegal

2 August 2013

Bogota, Aug 1 (Prensa Latina) The Colombia-European Union (EU) FTA will be as damaging to the country as the one signed with U.S., asserted here Senator Jorge Enrique Robledo, who called the agreement illegal and a violation of the Constitution.

The government of President Santos violated the Constitution by allowing the entry into force of that Treaty, without the review by the Constitutional Court, pointed out the congressman in a communiqué spread on its website.

This new FTA, he stated, will cause enormous damage to agriculture and domestic industry, as that European power spends more than 70 billion euros a year in agricultural subsidies, while in Colombia agriculture is backward, he noted.

It is better to be a cow in the EU than a farmer in Colombia, because a cow in the EU receives more money than a farmer in Colombia, said the congressman ironically.

Robledo warned that with this trade agreement the European Community intends to drain its economic crisis in Colombia, with the approval of a government acting in the service of foreign corporations and to the detriment of the national interest.

With the new agreement they earn some natives that put away their personal fate from that of the nation. Everything is good for them when Colombia is bad, he added.