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Siniora calls for free trade deal

Hürriyet Daily News, Turkey

Siniora calls for free trade deal

5 November 2008

ISTANBUL - As the global financial crisis pressures economies, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Fuad Siniora said the best response to the crisis would be enhancing business relations between Turkey and the Arab world.

Speaking at a working lunch organized by the Turkish-Lebanese Business Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Board, or DEİK, Siniora said “signing a free trade agreement between Turkey and Lebanon is “the main priority for the upcoming period.”

“We are focused on removing all obstacles on the way to the free trade agreement,” said Siniora. “There is considerable improvement in bilateral investments. Lebanon invests in Turkey’s banking and telecommunication sectors. We aim to enhance the cooperation even more.”

Lebanon’s finance sector tends to expand to international markets, said Siniora. “They bought a bank in Turkey and that was a right move. We wish similar examples follow,” he added. “We will keep working on developing the investment medium in Lebanon as well as contributing to business relations between Turkey and the Arab world,” Siniora said. “Turkey is a role model to establish and strengthen the dialogue between religions and different cultures.”