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Talks underway for free trade agreement between Iran and Lebanon
An Iranian trade official said talks were underway to establish a free trade agreement between it and Lebanon.
Al Habtoor group issues a notice of an investment dispute against Lebanon
Emirati conglomerate Al Habtoor Group served a notice of an Investment Treaty Dispute against the Lebanese Republic in connection with Lebanon’s breaches of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.
Brazil wants more trade, investment with Arab countries, says official
Brazil wants to expand trade and investment with Arab countries, said a government official, amid ongoing talks for commercial agreements with Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.
Mercosur-Arabs: Brazil wants to resume talks on agreements
The Brazilian government is interested in resuming negotiations for free trade agreements between Mercosur and Arab countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon.
Brazil wants to settle Mercosur-Lebanon agreement in 2022
The Brazilian government expects the free trade agreement between Mercosur and Lebanon to be concluded next year, said the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Lebanon close to signing free trade deal with Mercosur countries: ambassador
Lebanon is only a few steps away from signing a free trade agreement with Mercosur countries, the Uruguayan ambassador to Lebanon said
UK and Lebanon sign trade continuity agreement
The new UK-Lebanon Association Agreement provides, among other trade benefits, tariff-free trade of industrial products together with liberalisation of trade in agricultural, agri-food and fisheries products.
Lebanon’s industry minister calls for modifications in free trade agreements
Lebanese Industry Minister Wael Abou Faour called on Wednesday for the revision of free trade agreements signed between Lebanon and other countries aimed at protecting the industry sector in the country, the National News Agency reported.
Mourão pledges to back Lebanon on Mercosur agreement
The vice president of Brazil pledged to support the Arab country in entering into a free trade agreement with the Mercosur.
Iskandar Safa submits claim against the Hellenic Republic with ICSID
Iskandar Safa, co-owner of the Privinvest Group, a global player in the shipbuilding industry, which took control of Hellenic Shipyards SA, submitted a request for arbitration against the Hellenic Republic at the World Bank’s ICSID.
Lebanon, Palestine join Agadir free trade agreement
The Arab Mediterranean free trade agreement also groups Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, and allows greater access to European markets.
Lebanon signs Latin American free trade pact
Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil signed a free-trade agreement with the Mercosur countries of Latin America, stressing the importance of maintaining good relations with the bloc.
Approval of bilateral investment treaty with Syria
The Lebanese Parliament ratified an agreement between Lebanon and Syria that aims to promote private investments between the two signatory nations in each other’s territory, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group.
Lebanon and Turkey sign free trade agreement
Lebanon and Turkey signed a free trade agreement to increase bilateral trade and expand private sector cooperation, as well as to pave the way for the establishment of a free trade zone between Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.
Turkey, Lebanon to sign free trade deal
Turkey and Lebanon are expected to sign several deals this week, including a partnership establishing a free-trade zone and a joint political declaration aiming toward a new high-level strategic cooperation counc
Economic Council for Establishing Free Trade Zone between Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan
Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan announced the establishment of an economic council to follow up on creating a free trade zone among these countries.
Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan sign quadripartite FTA
Turkey will join an economic bloc comprising of the Middle Eastern states such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan ahead of the protracted accession to the EU.
Turkey turns east to form free trade zone
Turkey has embarked on the road to a “Middle Eastern Union” as an alternative to the European Union, according to some observers, after Ankara unveiled its vision for a giant free-trade zone spanning from the Bosphorus to Sudan and Morocco.
Davutoğlu proposes regional trade alliance at TAC meeting
Turkey aims to create a free trade zone without visa restrictions with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum (TAC), which began in İstanbul on Thursday.
Lebanon, Syria Jordan and Turkey to set up FTA
Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria agreed yesterday to set up a free trade zone based on “existing bilateral agreements and practices on free trade and visa exemption” between the parties, adding that Turkey and Lebanon were required to complete a bilateral arrangement before the four-way process could go ahead.