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Sri Lanka to extend trade partnership with Azerbaijan

Lanka Business Today, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka to extend trade partnership with Azerbaijan

10 March 2012

The companies from Sri Lanka are seeking for Azerbaijani partners for export development to Azerbaijan, a news report said. Economic Development Ministry of Azerbaijan reports that Sri Lankan companies are ready to supply fruits, spices, fabric and paints to the country.

"At the same time they are interested in medicine and medical equipment import as well as create joint ventures in different fields" said the statement by Economic Development Ministry of Azerbaijan.

Back in 2009 Minister for industry & Energy Natig Aliyev when meeting with Ambassador Mohammad Mohammad Zokhayra of Sri Lanka at the time; the Azerbaijani minister had focused on great benefits for their countries in case of Azerbaijan’s involvement in exploration and development of Sri Lanka’s hydrocarbons reserves.

However there had been no update on Azerbaijan’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s oil exploration activities thereafter.