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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has preferential and free trade agreements with India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Singapore and Israel. It is currently in the processing of upgrading its agreement with India to a much more comprehensive one.

Sri Lanka is also party to SAFTA, the agreement on a South Asia Free Trade Area, as well as BIMSTEC, which aims to hammer out a regional FTA.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Sri Lankan engineers’ association

Sri Lanka explore ways to enhance bilateral trade under FTA
Pakistan and Sri Lanka are exploring ways to enhance the bilateral trade under the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.
Dhaka eager to sign free trade agreement with Colombo
Dhaka has expressed its keen interest to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with Colombo to exploit the huge potential of bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Govt. to review ETCA and other trade agreements
The Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) with India is among the bilateral trade agreements to be reviewed by the Sri Lankan government to decide on the next step, a Minister said.
Sri Lanka to eyes re-negotiating trade deals amid import controls
Sri Lanka has given the nod for the Ministry of Trade to examine ways of re-negotiating existing free trade agreements and enter into new ones, the government said.
Sri Lanka hope to revive free trade talks with Thailand
Sri Lanka and Thailand have expressed hope to revive talks on a free trade deal, after two rounds of negotiations.
BOI eyes five new trade agreements with key trading partners
Sri Lanka’s apex investment promotion body, Board of Investment (BOI), is eyeing five new trade agreements with key trading partners—Japan, China, European Union (EU), United States and United Kingdom (UK)— over the next three years.
Poland keen on FTA with Sri Lanka
Poland is keen to enter into a Free Trade Agreement with Sri Lanka, but it has to be initiated by the European Union office in Colombo.
Malik to hold talks in India to resume ETCA
Sri Lankan International Trade Minister plans to hold ministerial-level discussions with Indian counterparts during his visit to India this week, in order to resume trade negotiations.
Against the tide: the growth of China-Sri Lanka trade
Chinese trade with the island nation is booming even while Indian trade seems stuck. The recent rise of China-Sri Lanka economic relations has been the subject of much discussion, debate, and analysis.
AITP study claims Sri Lanka’s approach towards FTAs hinders economic growth
The assessments are done for the four proposed FTAs namely, ETCA with India, Singapore-Sri Lanka FTA, Thailand-Sri Lanka FTA, and China-Sri Lanka FTA.