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Stop the Energy Charter Treaty

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Friends of the Earth Europe | 21 April 2021

Stop the Energy Charter Treaty

It’s the biggest climate action killer nobody has ever heard of.

The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is a major obstacle to fast and effective action on the climate and environmental crisis. This obscure treaty from the 1990s grants sweeping rights and protections to big energy investors – mainly fossil fuel companies.

Exit the Energy Charter Treaty

The fossil fuel industry is using this treaty to sue governments and sabotage the energy transition. Not before normal courts with judges. But in secret tribunals, settled by commercial arbiters who have an incentive to favour corporations.

More and more, the deal is being used to attack government policies that might negatively impact fossil fuel corporations’ profits. Policies like phasing out dirty energy or shutting fossil fuel plants.

In Europe alone €350 billion euros worth of oil, gas and coal projects are protected under this treaty.

Bold climate action, environmental protection and just transition policies have never been more urgent. But our transformation to a green and fair society will become harder, slower and more expensive if we don’t stop the Energy Charter Treaty.

Audrey Changoe
audrey.changoe [at]

 source: Friends of the Earth Europe