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Taipei aims to throttle Taiwan-Dominican Free Trade Deal

Dominican Today

Taipei aims to throttle Taiwan-Dominican Free Trade Deal

5 August 2008

TAIPEI. - Taiwan president Ying Jeou Ma today said he’s interested in accelerating talks for a Free Trade Agreement with Dominican Republic, for which his country’s representatives were already instructed to expedite them.

Jeou Ma, who’ll visit Dominican Republic August 16, told a group of Latin American journalists in the palace that a date for the free trade deal between both nations to take effect hasn’t been established, but expects that the terms established by the bilateral commission will be met.

The Taiwanese leader said he’s pleased with president Leonel Fernandez’s re-election and will attend the inaugural ceremony, where he expects they’ll discuss bilateral topics and review some common projects.

The chief executive said Taiwan’s experience with free trade deal has show that it’s a good initiative for all parts involved.

Jeou Ma said he doesn’t know the Dominican leader’s proposal of creating a global fund to help the poorest countries against the world economic crisis sparked by rising oil prices, but pledged to study it and set a position in that regard.