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TDM call for papers: Cybersecurity in international arbitration (special issue)

We are pleased to announce a forthcoming Transnational Dispute Management (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120, Special Issue on “Cybersecurity in International Arbitration

About the special:

There is a manifest need for the international arbitration community to begin to develop a shared understanding of the scope of the threat and the appropriate response. There is an emerging consensus that cybersecurity is an important consideration that should be addressed early in the international arbitration process and that reasonable cybersecurity measures should be adopted. Nonetheless, questions abound, including, to cite just a few examples, the specific responsibilities of the various participants in the process, the scope of measures that should be adopted, the scope of party autonomy to determine such measures, the availability of resources and concerns that cybersecurity requirements may increase the expense of arbitration and create a resource gap that could disadvantage less-resourced participants.

It is hoped that papers submitted for the Special Issue will advance the conversation by addressing some of the questions described here and potentially identifying issues the international arbitration community will need to consider.

More info and contact details on the website here:

We look forward to receiving your proposals and papers for this topical issue. (Guidelines and sample papers are available on request)

 source: Transnational Dispute Management