The emerging crisis of investment treaties

South Bulletin (South Centre, Issue 69, 21 November 2012): The Emerging Crisis of Investment Treaties

This issue of South Bulletin focuses on the emerging crisis of investment treaties. An epidemic of international legal suits taken by companies against governments for billions of dollars is causing public concern and leading to reviews of international investment treaties.

Articles on this issue include:

- The emerging crisis of investment treaties – by Martin Khor
- Investment treaties criticised at WTO Forum – Report on a NGO session at the WTO Public Forum
- South African Trade Minister Robert Davies: New approach needed on investment treaties
- South Africa’s review and new policy on BITs - by Xavier Carim, Deputy Director General, Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa
- Hazards in Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): Investors’ rights v. public health – by Carlos Correa
- Challenges posed by BITs to developing countries - by Mariama Williams
- Climate Change UNFCCC Talks: The Interests of Developing Countries at COP 18
- LDCs seek exemption from WTO TRIPS agreement
- India prepares to supply free generic medicines
- Asian countries act to get cheap generic drugs through compulsory licenses

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source: South Centre