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TPPA briefing to NGOs by Ms. Sanya Reid Smith

Empower | 19 January 2016

TPPA briefing to NGOs by Ms. Sanya Reid Smith

Ms. Reid Smith is an expert of Trade and Investment Rules and has been monitoring the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) since 2011. Sanya is also the resource expert for BANTAH TPPA Malaysia.

Ms. Reid Smith is a legal advisor and senior researcher at Third World Network - an active international network specializing in development issues and North-South affairs. Ms. Reid Smith is a law graduate and has a biochemistry degree, and has also studied economics.

She analyses the implications of trade agreements on economic and social sectors and various policies in developing countries. She has been a resource person on the effects of stronger intellectual property protection on medicine prices, at numerous United Nations conferences.

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