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Turkey considers FTA with Bahrain

Turkish Finance Minister Says Turkey Searches Possibilities To Sign F.T.A. With Bahrain

Anadolu Agency

20 May 2004

MANAMA - Turkey was searching possibilities to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with Bahrain, which was getting prepared to sign one with the United States, Turkish Finance Minister said on Thursday.

Unakitan, who is in Manama, Bahrain, met with Bahraini Minister of Finance and National Economy Abdallah Hasan al-Saif and Minister of Commerce Ali Salih Abdallah al-Salih.

Turkish Finance Minister Unakitan later visited Turkish Export Products Fair organized by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) in Bahrain.

Unakitan then told reporters that Turkey and Bahrain would hold Joint Economic Commission (JEC) meeting in Turkey on November 22, 2004 and said that he and al-Saif took up issues to be discussed in that meeting.

Those issues included encouragement of reciprocal investments and prevention of double taxation, Unakitan said.

Unakitan noted that two countries would also sign an agreement to encourage land transportation.

Turkey was in contact with Gulf countries for a free trade agreement, Unakitan stated.

Unakitan said that he also discussed with Bahraini officials whether or not such an agreement could be made with Bahrain, adding that they also took up possible cooperation opportunities in tourism.

Turkish Finance Minister Unakitan, who went to Bahrain on Wednesday after attending JEC meetings in Saudi Arabia, participated in a reception hosted during the Turkish Export Products Fair.

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