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UNCTAD World Investment Report 2010

UNCTAD | 22 July 2010

World Investment Report 2010

Key Messages: Investment Policy Developments

A dichotomy in investment policy trends is emerging. It is characterized by simultaneous moves to further investment liberalization and promotion on the one hand, and to increase investment regulation in pursuit of public policy objectives on the other.

Economic stimulus packages and State aid have impacted on foreign investment, with no significant investment protectionism observed so far.

The IIA universe is expanding rapidly, with over 5,900 treaties at present (on average four treaties signed per week in 2009). The IIA system is rapidly evolving as well, with countries actively reviewing and updating their IIA regimes, driven by the underlying need to ensure coherence and interaction with other policy domains (e.g. economic, social and environmental).

Global initiatives, such as investment in agriculture, global financial systems reform, and climate change mitigation are increasingly having a direct impact on investment policies.

 source: UNCTAD