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Peoples of Mesoamerica in defence of seeds and maize

This call for the defence of maize and all peasant seeds comes amid increasing pressure to impose the so-called UPOV laws through trade agreements and other neoliberal policies throughout the region.

Free trade frenzy: the hidden costs of South Asia’s economic gamble

As debt pressures rise, South Asia’s economic strategies are increasingly revolving around FTAs. The frenzy, however, is not only reshaping the region’s trade dynamics, but also a wide array of national legal frameworks, from labour rights to agriculture policies.

Anticipating the 2026 CUSMA review

The mandatory six-year review of the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement is still more than two years away, but TIRP researchers are ahead of the game.

Latest news

EU-Japan deal on data flows enters into force

With its inclusion in the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, the agreement promotes the concept of ‘Data Free Flow with Trust’, a guiding principle for international cooperation on data flows.

Dutch keen on India investment deal, says deputy PM Hoekstra

The Netherlands is keen to have a bilateral investment protection agreement with India and is fully backing the proposed India -EU free trade agreement (FTA), the country’s deputy prime minister Wopke Hoekstra said at a briefing in his office.