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Vietnam has plenty of opportunity to boost seafood exports to Japan

VOV | Tuesday, 17/02/2009

Vietnam has plenty of opportunity to boost seafood exports to Japan

Some Vietnam-Japan economic cooperation agreements will be put into effect soon to boost the import-export of aquatic products between the two countries.

They include the Vietnam-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA) and the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP).

Moreover, dwindling supplies of medium-sized shrimp from staple countries, such as India and Indonesia, are creating an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to promote shrimp exports to Japan.

However, economic experts recommend that Japan apply strict trade standards concerning the origin and hygiene of imported goods. Therefore, Vietnamese businesses should attach special importance to the quality of goods for export.

In the future, Vietnam will coordinate with Japan to establish a cooperation committee to resolve issues relating to food quality, hygiene and safety. For its part, Japan will help Vietnam to build a centre for monitoring compliance with international hygiene standards.

According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (VASEP), Japan is the largest frozen shrimp consumption market of Vietnam, accounting for 29.76 percent of its export value with an estimated annual turnover of US$400 million.

Japan is intensifying the import of tuna and various kinds of fish from Vietnam. Since other aquiculture export markets are drying up, many Vietnamese businesses are shifting the focus onto Japan.

The Quoc Viet Co. Ltd., has exported a 20 foot container of high-quality nobashi sugpo prawns to Japan and the Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company has also exported two 20-tonne containers of aquatic products to this traditional market.

 Fuente: QDND