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Vietnamese-Japanese free trade talks made ‘significant progress’

Vietnam News Agency | August 25, 2008

Vietnamese-Japanese free trade talks made ‘significant progress’

Vietnam and Japan have reached agreements on several trade matters at the eighth round of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations recently concluded on August 22 in Japan.

Phan The Rue, head of the Vietnamese delegation, said significant progress was made with the two countries coming to agreements on some terms of services, investment and trade.

However, some issues were left unresolved, including opening up markets for industrial and agricultural products and sending Vietnamese nurses and orderlies to work in Japan.

According to Rue, Japan had proposed Vietnam open up its car and steel markets but Vietnam wanted to protect these domestic industries and allow them more time to develop.

Rue said he expects existing disagreements to be resolved at the next EPA negotiation round in Hanoi next month.

 source: Thanh Nien