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  • 22-Nov-2009
    FTA with Singapore ’good’ for both
    A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Singapore would be beneficial because it would result in more opportunities with Sri Lanka, currently attempting to develop itself as a hub to India and a financial hub; particularly due to the country’s existing respective FTAs with India and with Pakistan, a top Singapore businessman has said.
  • 8-Nov-2009
    Sri Lanka-Pakistan trade: Minor hiccups, major hindrance
    Negative trade balance is not always negative. It could be looked in a broader context said the Head of Chancery of the Pakistan High Commission in Sri Lanka Balal Akram. Referring to the negative trade balance between the countries which is favourable to Pakistan Akram said that 35 per cent of Sri Lankan imports from Pakistan are raw material for the apparel industry.
  • 8-Nov-2009 IPS
    Sri Lanka: Gov’t, EU in back-channel talks over fate of trade pact
    Sri Lanka has reacted strongly to a European Commission (EC) probe on its human rights record, saying it is politically motivated.