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Results of last EU-Japan negotiating round
The Commission released its report on the latest EU-Japan negotiations, which happened between April 11-20 in Tokyo.
Polish agriculture ministry says ’no’ to TTIP
The Ministry of Agriculture says it will not agree to provisions that threaten Polish farmers in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being negotiated between the European Union and the US.
Cambodia urged to join TPP
US Ambassador to Cambodia said that given Vietnam’s participation in the TPP, “it would be a shame for Cambodia to miss out and be left behind”.
Waitangi Tribunal ruling on TPPA – “it was unlikely that the Tribunal in this claim would opt to talk truth to power”
The Waitangi Tribunal’s report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a paradox. Time and again the Tribunal says it is ‘troubled’ and ‘concerned’ about aspects of the TPPA and its implications for Maori.
Financial fissures weaken ASEAN community
The economic gap between high flyers like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and laggards like Laos and Myanmar is too wide to be easily bridged.
Lao Holdings N.V. files three legal actions against Lao Gov’t
Locally established company seeks damages for holding company in impending Lao casino resort sale.
UAE, Latvia sign deal on economic cooperation
Agreement calls for boosting cooperation in trade, industry, agriculture, transport, tourism and investment.
Engie files arbitration case against Hungary over gas sector policies
The proceedings are based on the Energy Charter Treaty and seek relief for breaches of the principle of investor protection in the gas sector.
Maldives, Hong Kong to establish free trade agreements
Negotiations are underway to establish a free trade agreement between Maldives and Hong Kong.
Ecuador’s new trade minister comes to Brussels
The new Ecuadorian minister of foreign trade said he wants to come to Brussels to push for an acceleration of the EU-Ecuador free trade agreement’s ratification.
Tens of thousands protest TTIP in Rome
Tens of thousands of protesters took to the Roman streets to protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
S. Korean gov’t and Hanocal embark on investor-state dispute procedures
The Dutch company Hanocal sought international arbitration to demand more than 240 billion won ($205 million) in compensation for what it claimed as extra taxes it had paid to the South Korean government.
Irish beef farmers protest over ‘sell-out’ trade talks
Dozens of Irish farmers staged a demonstration outside the offices of the EU Commission in Dublin, claiming that plans being discussed as part of European trade talks will “sell out” the EU’s beef sector.
NAFTA asparagus
After Peru signed a TPP-like free trade pact with the U.S. in 2007, it has become the largest exporter of fresh asparagus. But asparagus monoculture/agribusiness has resulted in water shortages in the Ica Valley.
AngloGold files Obuasi dispute with Ghana
AngloGold Ashanti said it filed a dispute with Ghana at an international investor arbitration panel due to the country’s failure to protect the company’s Obuasi operation from illegal miners.
A beef with Mercosur
The much-maligned EU market-access offer for South American beef, which could be exported at reduced tax rates to the EU under a planned trade deal, is off the negotiating table — for now.
Waitangi Tribunal backs TPP treaty clause
The Waitangi Tribunal has backed the Treaty of Waitangi clause in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Cracks appear in EU-ACP unity at Cotonou meeting in Dakar
Dissent was heard at the high-level meeting in Dakar of the EU and the 79-member states of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group.
Leaked TTIP documents: threats to regulatory protections
Europe, beware. The leaked TTIP text confirms that the United States is trying to export its failed regulatory model.
New EPSU working paper on CETA and TTIP: Potential impacts on health and social services
New working paper highlights the potential harmful impact of CETA and TTIP (and other trade and investment agreements) on healthcare and social services.