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Trade deal with UAE moves step closer
Formal trade talks between Australia and the United Arab Emirates are set to start soon.
Panama seeks review of US trade pact, flags certain farm goods
Panama said it had requested a review of the terms and conditions of a trade agreement in place with the United States since 2012.
US court denies relief to Pakistan in Reko Diq case
Washington DC’s District Court has dismissed Pakistan’s motions for stay enforcement of $6 billion award against the country in Reko Diq case.
Ascent Resources slams Slovenian fracturing restrictions
It now says legislators are amending Slovenia’s mining law to further restrict "all forms of hydraulic stimulation", and this could increase damages it is due under its arbitration claim.
Dhaka, Tokyo look for free trade agreement
Bangladesh and Japan would explore scopes for signing a free trade agreement for boosting bilateral trade, investment and economic cooperation.
India and Australia close to signing a mini free trade agreement
India and Australia, are expected to sign an interim free trade agreement this month, marking a major step towards consummating their economic relationship at a time when both nations are desperate to reduce their dependence on China.
Govt. to revisit proposed FTA with China
The balance of trade between the Srilanka and China has been heavily in favour of China. the Srilanka government has decided to revisit the proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with China.
Statement on the transnational consequences of the war in Ukraine on food insecurity in many African countries
No to the free trade regime! Solidarity-based practice for a right to food sovereignty! Strengthen local, small-scale agriculture! Actively prevent hunger crises! WTO waiver 2.0!
UAE opens doors to wider trade as world veers toward protectionism
Last year, the UAE announced its intention to deepen its ties with fast-growing economies to reposition itself as a global destination for business and finance.
What you should know about the Chile-Brazil Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
The Free Trade Agreement between Brazil and Chile went into effect on January 25. It is an additional protocol to Chile’s Free Trade Agreement with Mercosur.
The India-UAE CEPA: India’s renewed love for FTAs
There is a growing need to analyse the free trade agreements to understand their impact on the economy and the geopolitical repercussions that follow.
The Energy Charter Treaty, climate change and clean energy transition
In 2021-22, Climate Change Counsel conducted a study of arbitral awards rendered under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).
India, Canada agree to consider interim trade deal
The move came after commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal held talks with his Canadian counterpart Mary Ng, as part of the fifth ministerial dialogue on trade & investment.
Tehran to host new round of free trade talks with EEU this week
A new round of free trade agreement talks between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union will be held in Tehran, according to the head of Trade Promotion Organization.
China – Sri Lanka FTA to be fast-tracked
The Cabinet Sub Committee on China agreed to fast-track the possible next steps in consultation with the relevant stakeholders at the earliest.
Gov’t taking steps to resume Malaysia-EU trade negotiations
The government is taking steps to resume negotiations on the Malaysia-European Union Free Trade Agreement (MEUFTA).
Interim FTA with Australia likely on 21 Mar
India and Australia are likely to sign an interim free trade agreement (FTA) on 21 March, which may allow easier market access for Indian pharmaceutical products, besides duty concessions on gems and jewellery and textiles.
Reduction of French solar tariffs – how can investors protect their rights
Recent reforms in the French solar energy market mean that investors need to take action to protect their investments.
Ukraine conflict may delay India-Eurasia trade talks
The war in Ukraine may delay negotiations for a free trade agreement between India and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), said Indian government officials and analysts aware of the development.