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Mexico-US energy tensions ease as focus shifts to shared opportunities
Energy sector tensions between the United States and Mexico have quieted in recent days as both sides work to change the narrative towards cooperation.
Imposing double standards: Why EFTA should not demand an UPOV clause in FTA with Thailand
As part of free trade negotiations with Thailand, EFTA will most likely demand clauses that oblige the Asian country to introduce strict plant variety protection regulations that are in line with UPOV 91
The not-so-hidden cost to “mega” energy deals : the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) in East Africa (in conversation with Olivia Costa and Brenda Akankunda)
The ECT Secretariat, whose survival depends on continuation of the treaty, continues to lobby these countries to take additional steps towards acceding to the Energy Charter Treaty.
Primary industry reps to visit India with hopes of trade deals}
Primary industry leaders will be among a trade delegation travelling to India to reignite business to business relationships.
Hope for Kenya-US trade deal as Tai leads team to Ruto’s swearing in
Kenya-US trade talks could soon be fast-tracked as the latter’s trade representative Katherine Tai, is expected to lead a delegation to President-elect William Ruto’s inauguration this week.
Agricultural trade and standards within the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)
Within the trade pillar, it seems very likely that discussions on agriculture will focus on market access and the non-tariff issues, such as Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures.
Before the flood? The looming risk of corporations suing states for Covid-related measures
Now the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer in the headlines in many parts of the world, the risk corporations will use investment treaties to claim compensation from governments to cover their losses during these exceptional times is increasing.
US, Indo-Pacific countries agree on roadmap to strengthen trade ties
The United States and 13 Indo-Pacific countries on Friday agreed on parameters for negotiating closer trade, environment and economic ties .
India opts out of trade talks with US-led Indo-Pacific group
India opted out of trade talks with a US-led group of Asian nations, again avoiding easing access to its markets via a multi-country deal, while moving ahead with the others in areas including supply chains and clean energy.
India to join three of four IPEF ‘pillars’
India New Delhi has decided to become part of resilient economy, clean economy, and fair economy components of the framework, but it will not join the connected economy (trade) pillar of IPEF.
Israel, Guatemala sign free trade agreement, Economy Ministry says
Israel and Guatemala on Thursday signed a free trade agreement that will include industry, food and agriculture goods, the Israeli Economy Ministry said.
EU and Thailand cap turbulent decade with a partnership agreement
The agreement conclusion may also indicate that both sides are inching closer toward a free trade agreement, which would be the third the EU has struck with a Southeast Asian country.
India to seek review of trade pact with Japan: Goyal
India will seek review of its free trade agreement with Japan during a meeting between Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal and his Japanese counterpart in Los Angeles.
British investors could sue Australia over climate action if UK joins trans-Pacific trade pact
It’s a portent of claims Australia may face from British companies invested in Australia’s fossil-fuel industries if the United Kingdom gets its way and joins the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.
No FTA with Israel until we get a good deal: Piyush Goyal
Israel’s tariffs on goods are, as such, very low for all and it’s yet to commit to opening up its services sector for India, the minister said.
The ECTA not just a trade deal but an outcome of larger systemic confidence with Australia: S Jaishankar
India Australia leadership dialogue is taking place as India Australia relations have shifted gears and moved into a higher orbit.
GreenX says £737 million claim against Poland proceeding ‘at pace’
Damages of £737 million are being claimed by GreenX across the two arbitrations which relate to both the Jan Karski and Debiensko mines in Poland.
US says Indo-Pacific Economic Framework beyond “traditional trade agreement”
Official negotiations on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework are set to start in Los Angeles, when US Trade Representative and US Commerce Secretary sit down with their counterparts from 13 other participating countries.
Demanding a transparent and participatory process in any Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) negotiations
The need for another trade agreement in Asia-Pacific has not been established. If countries choose to move forward with Indo-Pacific Economic Framework talks, they must be based on a new model that prioritizes the interests of people instead of just big corporations.