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Perú: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski y el TLC | 13-December-2005

El lunes todo estaba en el
aire y los negociadores peruanos no sabían para qué habían sido
convocados nuevamente a Washington, esta vez sin
acompañamiento colombiano y ecuatoriano, si el entrampamiento
era el mismo que había quedado cuando se levantó la reunión

Vietnam, Japan conclude WTO talks, eye FTA | 13-December-2005

Vietnam and Japan yesterday concluded bilateral negotiations over the former’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) while agreeing to hold preliminary talks on a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA).

Japan can help ASEAN integration | 13-December-2005

Japan plays a key role in promoting economic integration in Southeast Asia by helping to narrow the gap between developed and less developed countries in the region, scholars from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations told a recent symposium in Tokyo.

FTA will open up new avenues: US official | 13-December-2005

The immediate effect of the free-trade agreements would help unleash the economic potential of both the US and Oman, a top US official said yesterday.

South Korea signs free trade pact with ASEAN, excludes Thailand | 13-December-2005

South Korea and Southeast Asian nations on Tuesday inked a tariff-slashing Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with Thailand choosing to be excluded from the pact which does not include rice in its list of items.

ASEAN+3 leaders urge efforts for regional free trade bloc | 13-December-2005

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries, Japan and China held a one-day "ASEAN Plus Three Summit" in the Malaysian capital on Monday and adopted a joint statement calling for redoubled efforts for the formation of the so-called East Asia free trade agreement.

Libre-échange : le Maroc a-t-il mal négocié l’accord avec les Emirats ? | 13-December-2005

L’accord de libre- échange entre le Maroc et les Emirats Arabes Unis signé en 2003 a-t-il été mal négocié ? Depuis quelques mois, les industriels marocains montent régulièrement au créneau pour se plaindre des effets dévastateurs sur l’économie locale des importations en provenance de ce pays, et ces dernières semaines, le malaise s’est accentué.

FTA ’to bar cheap Aids drugs’ | 12-December-2005

Aids patients are unlikely to gain access to cheaper drugs after the free trade agreement between Thailand and the United States is signed, as the planned Thai-US FTA is likely to protect only American patented drugs.

Bilateral truths | 12-December-2005

When was the last time you heard Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talk about the World Trade Organisation?

Confesiones sobre el TLC | 12-December-2005

"¿Por qué Estados Unidos pide patentes para plantas aquí? Porque
desde el siglo XIX recolectaron recursos biológicos y genéticos en
nuestros países y los llevaron a bancos de germoplasma. Ahora
quieren cobrar por descubrir recursos naturales que para nosotros
son patrimonio nacional"

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    Bernard k. Gordon: The title of this report does not comport with the facts as contained in the report. The US acted in good faith, in a way specifically designed to promote sound environmental goals related to forestry. Those goals were supported by the U.S. Congress ...
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    Bernard k. Gordon: A biased and ill-informed report. Among many other problems, it misstates the original goals of the WTO, and it totally ignores the facts surrounding the creation of the TPP. It is in essence a scare-tactic report that does not warrant serious atten ...
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    Professor Gilbert NMO Morris: Free Trade Zones, secured by Free Trade Agreements are as notoriously popular as they are infamously over-rated. The problem is not the intention of the designers. It is rather a lack of intention or design sufficiently imagined, implemented and man ...
    Don’t let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver as he launches latest food offensive | 19-August-2014
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