Comunicado | Organizaciones y movimientos políticos de Chile y Uruguay llaman a los parlamentarios a no ratificar TLC entre ambos países

21-Mar-2018Chile Mejor sin TLC Fuerzas políticas y organizaciones civiles de Chile y Uruguay coinciden en que el Tratado de Libre Comercio entre ambos países no ha sido acompañado por estudios y que reducirá la soberanía política de ambos países.

Key issues

Trade Compass: Web-based service to utilize FTAs

20-Mar-2018 DeloitteTrade Compass is a commercial web-based service with various analytical functions that aims to optimize the utilization of FTAs.

Texts of agreements

7-Feb-2018  | EU-Chile FTA: EU proposals (Jan 2018) As released by the European Commission
19-Jan-2018  | EU-MERCOSUR FTA: Goods draft chapter (Nov 2017) EU-MERCOSUR FTA draft goods chapter from November 2017


14-Mar-2018  Fears tobacco giants will use TPP to sue Australia over plain packaging as secrecy shrouds legal costs in Philip Morris case
Craig Welch: Oh for goodness sake. Why re-post an article with such a misleading headline? You know full well that PMI cannot raise a dispute under the TPP
4-Mar-2018  May seeks to preserve gains from EU-Japan trade deal for UK
Dianthus Panacho: It’s of the utmost importance that Britain gets its act together. Going to Japan, with no more substance than what PM May has shown untill now,
1-Feb-2018  CETA, regulatory cooperation and food safety
DIDIER Pierre: Unless the CETA brings Canadians aiming at a market of 512 million consumers (instead of 32 million Canadians) to upgrade their