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SADC needs EU - Gurirab
The Southern African Development Community countries need assistance and cooperation from the European Union to overcome development challenges in the spirit of partnership, said Speaker of the National Assembly, Theo-Ben Gurirab, at the first regional ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in the southern African region.
EC rejects view CARIFORUM forced into EPA
The European Commission (EC) has flatly rejected as unfounded, suggestions that the CARIFORUM Group - Caribbean Community (Caricom) states and the Dominican Republic - was forced into the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) reached last December and that the negotiations were designed to split the ACP Group.
EU ponders next move on trade deals
The European Union is contemplating the way forward following the reluctance of the majority of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) they have been negotiating, five months after the expiry of the December 31 deadline set by the World Trade Organisation.
WTO can’t adjudicate on EPA’s - Lamy
Director-General of the World Trade Organisation has said that the world trading body would not legislate on the current bilateral free trade negotiations between the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries and the European Commission.
Conflicting views over EPAs in French government
As it prepares to assume the presidency of the European Union in July one of the main issues on France’s agenda will be the economic partnership agreements (EPAs). But with less than three months to go, France’s official position concerning EPAs is still surprisingly unclear.
Overhauling free trade deals a must: Report
The EU will do irrevocable damage to the development prospects of some of the smallest and poorest countries in the world unless it overhauls free trade deals due to be finalised this year, Oxfam said in a report yesterday.
Pacific trade ministers slam EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson
New letters show extent of dissent among Pacific trade ministers as ministers accuse top EU trade official of being "domineering" and using divide and rule tactics to split the region.
EU accused of undermining UN development goals through free trade
A group of NGOs, trade unions and civil society groups have accused the EU of undermining global poverty reduction goals through its pursuit of free trade deals with African states.
Caricom sees EU trade deal by end of June - minister
The Caribbean region expects to sign a new trade agreement with the European Union by the end of June, Trinidad and Tobago’s trade and industry minister said on Tuesday.
AU Ministers Call for EPA Trade Reviews
African Union (AU) trade and finance ministers want the recently initialled trade deals between the European Union (EU) and African countries to be re-negotiated in the context of a comprehensible full agreement saying it has contentious issues.
Trade ministers band together
The Pacific ACP Trade Ministers from the region have agreed to proceed as a group with negotiations of a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with the European Commission by the end of the year.
Lobbyists meet in Uganda to press for ’just’ EPAs
Ahead of another round of negotiations to conclude the economic partnership agreements with the European Union, civil society from East and Southern Africa meet in Kampala this week to take a common position on the remaining issues — services, agriculture, investment, competition and government procurement.
NGOs confront EU over regional deals
On his arrival at a Joint Parliamentary Assembly of EU and ACP countries in Slovenian capital Ljubljana this week, EU Development Commissioner Louis Michel was confronted with an array of parliamentarians and civil society activists carrying the message, ’Brussels-made EPAs will not fit ACPs’.
EPAs - Groups decry perceived EU imposition
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), including farmers, workers, women, faith-based and students groups and organisations drawn from across Africa, have decried the negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between Europe and the continent as another form of re-colonisation.
Michel on EPAs: ’I do not accept these excuses’
Continued opposition to new economic partnership agreements for Europe’s former colonies is too often based on "simplistic" arguments that are not acceptable, according to the European Commission. "I do not accept these excuses," says European Development Commissioner Louis Michel in an interview with EUX.TV. "If they really want to profit from globalization, they have no choice."
EPAs: The latest (unspoken) facts
According to the latest information received, the ACP countries should be under pressure again this year to sign and provisionally implement EPAs before notification to the WTO could take place in order to avoid a challenge by other developing countries — this despite a legal opinion by a renowned WTO legal expert, Dr Lorand Bartels, that initialled interim EPAs could be notified to the WTO.
EPA negotiations: State of play and strategic considerations for way forward
This South Centre Analytical Note overviews some of the main challenges that ACP governments face now in the EPA negotiations and provides suggestions regarding strategic options for the way forward.
EPA harmful’ - Academics lobby for renegotiation of trade deal
A group of academics, while stopping short of labelling the trade pact an outright failure, are proposing that Cariforum renegotiate the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), saying it gives up too much to the Europeans in exchange for too little.
Caricom eyes Brazil’s alert
When Ministers of Caricom’s Council for Finance and Planning (COFAP) meet in The Bahamas tomorrow, they are expected to consider the implications for this region of reservations expressed by Brazil at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) being negotiated with the European Commission (EC).
EU Warns Continent Over Sluggish Pace of New Trade Deal Talks
The European Union has raised concerns about the speed at which African countries are moving towards negotiating for a comprehensive trade deal with Europe, which is expected to fast-track economic integration in the region ahead of the December deadline.