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Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods - A spearheading new initiative
Members of J-BIG have joined the wider campaign for abolishing the special trade and economic benefits granted to Israel as part of its trade agreement with the European Union. Indeed a significant number of British MPs appear to support this campaign.
S Korean protester sets himself ablaze outside FTA talks
A South Korean protester set himself on fire on Sunday outside a Seoul hotel where talks on a free trade pact with the United States are in their final hours, witnesses and hospital officials said.
What’s the rush to ink FTA with Japan?
Critics of tomorrow’s signing say the interim Thai government has broken promises and failed to reveal details of the pact, but the biggest question they have is why Surayud is in such a hurry
S Korean man attempts self-immolation against FTA with US
A South Korean man set himself afire on Sunday to dramatize his opposition to a proposed free trade agreement between his country and the United States, as negotiations were coming to a close, with an extended deadline only hours away. The 56-year-old taxi driver, identified only by his surname Heo, was in serious condition at a hospital after the protest 20 meters from the front gate of a heavily guarded Seoul hotel where the final talks were under way.
Activists celebrate as Malaysia-US FTA deadline expires
Malaysian opponents of a free-trade deal with the United States celebrated Saturday after the countries missed an end-of-the-month deadline to fast-track an agreement.
Letter from Japanese farmers to Prime Minister of Thailand
From our standpoint, upcoming Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Thailand and Japan involves big problems which will bring misery of people in both countries.
Anti-FTA protests to continue on last day of FTA talks
Protests against free trade talks between South Korea and the United States continue Friday as negotiators make a last-ditch effort to find ways to conclude a deal before a weekend deadline. The Korean Alliance Against the Korea-US FTA plans to hold an evening candlelight protest in downtown Seoul with more than 10,000 workers, farmers and activists taking part.
Last minute bid to delay FTA
Four anti-free trade groups will today seek an emergency order from Thailand’s Supreme Administrative Court to stop the signing of the free trade area (FTA) agreement with Japan next week. They are the Khao Kwan Foundation, the Bio Thai Foundation, the Consumers’ Foundation and the Aids Access Foundation.
Put pressure on gov’ts to stop EPA negotiations - ACP countries told
The Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition (GTLC), has called for mass mobilization of people in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to put pressure on their governments to stop the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations while urging various Parliaments not to ratify the agreement if it is signed.
Anti-FTA protests continue in Seoul
Despite chilling rain, South Korean farmers, workers and activists continued their protests opposing a free trade deal with the United States, with a large-scale candlelight vigil scheduled for Wednesday evening.
Anti-FTA protests continue amid last round of FTA talks
Protests continued in Seoul on Monday as negotiators from South Korea and the United States began their final round of talks, hoping to seal a free trade agreement (FTA), organizers and police said.
Trade pact opponents get air time
Thai activists opposed to the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan last night persuaded the TITV channel to air their views on the issue. About 300 members of consumer groups, HiV/Aids groups and farmers marched to the TITV studios on Vibhavadi Rangsit road after a seminar on the possible impact of the FTA deal which the interim government plans to sign with Japan next week.
Thousands denounce South Korea-US free trade plans as negotiations intensify
Thousands of South Koreans took to the streets Sunday to denounce a proposed free trade agreement between their country and the United States just days ahead of a deadline for negotiators to strike a deal.
SKorean activists rally against free trade talks
Thousands of South Korean farmers and anti-globalisation activists marched in Seoul on Sunday in a rally against free trade talks with the United States.
NGOs seek to delay signing of Thai-Japanese pact
FTA Watch yesterday published a document entitled "The Inconvenient Truth of Jtepa" to increase awareness about issues that it claims the government has hidden from the public.
Labor party leader on hunger strike against free trade agreement with US
A weary yet defiant looking Korean labor party leader has been a fixture in front of the president’s office for more than two weeks, on a hunger strike against South Korea’s imminent free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States. "FTA, I believe, only stands for ’For The Americans’," Moon Sung-hyun said.
Declaration and pledge to oppose the Korea-US free trade agreement
Join Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism (KAWAN) and the Korean Alliance Against the Korus FTA (KoA) in waging a global hunger strike against the Korea-United States free trade agreement (KorUS FTA) and the Bush free trade agenda.
International day of action against the Korea-US FTA and all US FTAs
We, the Korean Alliance against Korea-US FTA (KoA), call for an international day of joint action on Sunday, March 25, 2007. To the people struggling to stop the spread of neoliberal globalization, we ask for your solidarity and strength in stopping the Korea-US FTA and all US FTAs.
The people have decided! The Cabinet is still pondering!
While a group of us were waiting anxiously at the entrance of Prime Minister’s office at about 8.45 am today, suddenly we heard a loud chanting in the air and then we realized about 500 over people were walking from the Putrajaya mosque towards where we are standing and made one full circle around the PM office before the crowd stopped at the front gate of the PM office.
Extend deadline on partnership pact
Civil society groups and other stakeholders in West Africa’s development process have unanimously called on the European Union to extend the deadline for reaching a deal on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).