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Guatemala anti-FTA vigil grows
More popular organizations have joined the on-going vigil in front of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court, where a bill against the free trade agreement with the US is being discussed Thursday.
Guatemalan orgs: No US FTA
The COS (Social Organizations Group) and the MISPEC (Guatemalan indigenous, farmer and popular movement) have joined the vigil Wednesday in front of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court to reject the free trade agreement with the United States.
A global call for action to stop EPAs
We call upon civil society organisations, social movements, and mass-membership organisations across the ACP and Europe to join the STOP EPAs campaign, and engage with their governments on the issues of ACP development in relation to the EU.
OWINFS call to action: Stop the WTO’s Doha "development" round and other "free trade" negotiations
We call upon civil society organizations and social movements from around the world to join with us in showing their strong, united and unequivocal opposition to the completion of the World Trade Organization’s trade ‘round’, and other bilateral and regional Free Trade Agreements being forced on people by governments.
Tell Congress: oppose the US-Peru free trade agreement!
Oxfam has set up a web page where you can send letters to US Congress urging them to reject the US-Peru FTA, signed last week.
Thousands march against FTA with US
A massive protest against a planned free trade agreement between Korea and the U.S. brought some 8,000 trade unionists, farmers, students and actors from 100 groups to Daehagno, downtown Seoul on Sunday.
Campesinos marchan contra TLC
"El Sr. Toledo debe irse a su casa y no firmar cosas para las que ya no tiene autoridad."
Anti-FTA unionists attack White House web site
An estimated 3,000 Korean unionists in the information and technology sector have tried to flood the e-mail box of US President George W Bush with bulk messages in protest of the ongoing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks.
Anti-FTA faction to launch cyber attack on US
The IT labor union, part of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, has announced its plans to paralyze the homepages of the U.S. Department of Defense, the Whitehouse and President George Bush, by sending a flood of some 30,000 e-mails at 6pm on Tuesday 11 April.
First death in Ecuador FTA riots
The violent police repression against Ecuadorian demonstrators protesting the free trade agreement with the US has claimed its first life, university students denounced Friday.
Ecuador writer takes trade protest to city walls
With can of spray paint in hand, Ecuadorean author Alex Ron has turned his writing talent loose on the walls of Quito to vent his anger about a pending U.S. free-trade pact that has sparked weeks of Indian protests.
All-People Struggle against FTA declared in S. Korea
Representatives of south Korean civic and social organizations reportedly called a press conference on March 28 to declare the inauguration of the "Headquarters of the All-people Movement for Checking the Conclusion of FTA."
Hundreds of Hondurans protest against CAFTA en Honduras
Hundreds of doctors, Indians, teachers, students and workers marched through the streets of the Honduran capital in protest Friday, a day before the government is scheduled to ratify a contentious free-trade agreement with the United States.
Shrimp farmers demand Thai lawsuit against US at WTO
The shrimpers asked the Commerce Ministry to take the case to the WTO within three days, or breeders from across the country will assemble at the Commerce Ministry to seek justice and to protest against the Thai-US Free Trade Area (FTA) negotiations.
Rally against partnership agreement
Members of the islands public sector union and other Barbadians will be showing their dissent towards the most recent process of negotiations between Barbados and Cariforum countries this week.
Indigenous-led uprising challenges FTA, US domination
Ecuadorian Indigenous organizations are in the leadership of the most recent uprising in that country, which began on March 13. Tired of being lied to, exploited and excluded, they have taken on the courageous road of challenging the Free Trade Agreement that is secretly, behind closed doors, being negotiated with the United States by President Alfredo Palacios.
Malaysian activists launch campaign against free trade deal with US
Malaysian activists over the weekend launched a campaign against a planned bilateral free trade deal with the US, saying it could undermine job and food security and the nation’s economy.
FTA Watch statement: In support of Korean people’s struggle against the Korea-US FTA
Although Thailand and South Korea are different in terms of development, people in both countries share a common demand for the protection of their right to affordable medicines and treatment.
Ecuador: rioting against free trade agreement with US escalates
Ecuador’s main Indian federation claimed Monday that 30 peasants had been hospitalized and over 100 arrested during violent protests against a free trade pact with the United States scheduled to be signed in the coming days.
Ecuadorean police fight trade protesters
Police fired tear gas at stone-throwing Indians as they blocked roadways around the capital with rocks and tree trunks Tuesday during protests against free-trade talks with Washington.