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North Macedonia charged with expropriation by Amadeus Group
The request for arbitration charges that North Macedonia expropriated Amadeus’ investment in a hotel and commercial center in Skopje, all violations of the North Macedonia-Albania bilateral investment treaty, and seeks a damage award of at least $110 million.
Albania moves to establish local arbitration court to replace ICSID
Despite warnings that it could deter investment, Albania is pushing ahead with plans to establish a local commercial court to replace the World Bank-funded international arbitration body.
Albanian PM threatens to quit international arbitration body
Premier Edi Rama reacted angrily to a decision by a World Bank-funded international arbitration body to grant around 110 million euros in compensation to an Italian businessman who claimed he was politically persecuted in Albania.
UK and Albania agree trade deal
The UK has signed another post-Brexit trade deal with an emerging European country: this time, it’s Albania.
KURUM company sues Albanian state, seeks EUR 100 mln
KURUM company sued Albania at the International Court of Arbitration asking EUR 100 mln for termination of the contract of the container terminal in Durresi Harbor.
Ukraine, Albania may create free trade area
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister says Ukraine is ready to consider the creation of a free trade area with Albania.
Over 30 countries interested in signing free trade agreement with EEU
Several countries have offered to create free-trade zones with the Eurasian Economic Union including Zimbabwe, Jordan, Syria, Mongolia and Albania.
Free trade between Turkey and Albania
The agreement which establishes a free trade zone between Turkey and Albania, will come into force on May 1st.
CEFTA needs one more ratification
The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) needs one more country to ratify it before it can take effect.
Albania to sign EU association agreement
Albania`s prime minister says he will sign an association and stabilization agreement with the European Union, ending three years of negotiations.
Regional free trade agreement looms
Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Moldavia are expected to become a unique free trade zone by the end of 2007.
EU backs southeast Europe free-trade pact in 2006
The European Union will give strong support to efforts by the continent’s southeastern countries, most of them in the Balkans, to sign a regional free trade deal this year, EU officials said on Monday.
EU eyes free trade zone in Balkans
The European Commission has proposed replacing the existing web of bilateral trade agreements in the Balkans with a regional free trade agreement — a move it says would boost economic prospects. However, the idea has met with opposition in Croatia.
Balkans: On different roads to EU
All Balkans countries are headed for European Union membership, but they are taking different roads, and at differing pace.
Free trade
THE idea of a Balkan General Free Trade Agreement, to replace existing bilateral free trade agreements, received support at an Athens meeting of the Association of Balkan Chambers, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) said on December 12.
EU bilateral trade negotiations: state of play
Overview of Bilateral Negotiations 2004 involving Trade Agreements: State of Play 27 July
US-Albania BIT (1998)