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Labour & environmental issues in FTA talk, says NZ
Labour and environmental issues will still be included in the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiation between Australia, New Zealand and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a senior New Zealand trade official said.
Farmers’ suicides may hit FTA deal
India is citing the fear of political fallout and its suicide epidemic among farmers as obstacles to hammering out a free-trade deal with Southeast Asia, officials said yesterday.
ASEAN wants agriculture to be in ASEAN-East Asia FTA
ASEAN does not discount the possibility of having a free trade agreement (FTA) with all East Asian countries as a whole, said the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry director Ramon Vicente T. Kabigting. However, it must first consider including agriculture in the agreement for this to materialise, he told reporters.
Asean to set deadline for India to decide on FTA talks
Asean will set a time frame for India to decide whether it wants to continue with negotiations on the Asean-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA), a Philippine economic official said Wednesday.
Asean Sec Gen: Individual FTAs will not halt Asean economic progress
Individual Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed or being negotiated by Asean member countries will not affect the grouping’s unity or halt its economic progress, Asean Secretary General, Ong Keng Yong said.
Include Services, Intellectual Property In FTA, Says Australia
Australia, which is keen to tie up a free trade agreement (FTA) with Asean) by the end of 2007, wants the services sector and protection of intellectual property (IP) be given top priority in the trade pact.
EU to make stronger presence in South-East Asia
The European Union (EU) is well on its way to strengthening its “presence” in Malaysia, and in the South-East Asian region.
A reality cheque
An intensification of efforts for free trade agreements across countries is logical after the inconclusive Doha round. India is no laggard-with its renewed vigour on the ‘look east’ front, and with pragmatic moves for economic pacts with the US and EU.
India says ASEAN-India free trade talks not dead
Trade talks between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are very much alive, despite reports that they they have been suspended, an Indian minister said Thursday.
India denies FTA talks deadlock
India’s Commerce and Industry Ministry said yesterday free trade talks with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations were still on and officials from both sides were likely to submit fresh proposals soon.
Asean suspends FTA talks with India
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) has suspended free-trade talks with India because of New Delhi’s reluctance to open its markets, Malaysia’s trade and industry minister said on Tuesday.
Asean suspends FTA talks with India
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) has suspended free-trade talks with India because of New Delhi’s reluctance to open its markets, Malaysia’s trade and industry minister said on Tuesday.
Burgeoning trade ties no guarantee of Asian peace: analysts
Burgeoning economic links through a web of free trade agreements (FTAs), financial cooperation and investments may reduce the risk of war in Asia but are no guarantee of peace, analysts say.
FTA stalemate derails plan for Malaysian pact
The standoff between India and the Asean over the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has started rubbing over to India’s bilateral relations with individual Asean members.
Separate FTAs undermine ASEAN spirit of unity: scholar
The signing of separate free trade agreements (FTAs) by individual ASEAN members with other countries will undermine the ASEAN’s spirit of solidarity, a Malaysian scholar said on Tuesday.
ASEAN plus India, China is future of Asia: Nath
The rising influence of India and China need not worry ASEAN countries and the regional grouping should look at joining hands with the two fastest growing economies of Asia, Commerce Minister Kamal Nath said today.
Looking East
Baby steps are not always giant leaps for India, let alone for mankind. The reopening of the Nathu La pass, a key junction for trade between India and China over centuries, could have been a momentous event.
India-Asean FTA hits fresh roadblock
The much touted India-Asean free trade agreement (FTA) is in a limbo with the 10-country trading bloc hardening its stance and seeking more concessions from India.
NZ, Australia should be patient over ASEAN trade deal : Singapore PM
New Zealand and Australia will have to be patient over striking a free trade deal with ASEAN countries, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Monday.
Towards an East Asian economic unit
The developments of recent years have led to an Asian resurgence, with the emergence of China and India as engines of growth, the recovery of Japan from a decade-old recession, rise of the Asian middle class as a source of final demand, and increasing resilience of Asian countries to external shocks such as oil price rises, etc. Over the past decade, Asian countries have also integrated themselves within the region, as evident from a high and growing proportion of intra-regional trade and investments. Besides growing economic inter-dependence, Asian countries also face shared vulnerabilities to external shocks and natural disasters.