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FTA threatens blood supply: study
The safety of the Australian blood supply could be jeopardised under the free trade agreement with the United States, researchers have warned.
Canberra quenches Beijing’s energy thirst
No other country today appears to be more important in Australia’s diplomatic and political calculations than China, at least for commercial purposes.
Howard trade trip signals closer ties
Australian Prime Minister John Howard will pay a two-day visit to China from today to promote gas exports and plans for a free-trade deal with the booming, energy-famished economy.
Leaders optimistic on Sino-Australian FTA talks
Both the Chinese premier and the Australian prime minister have expressed their hopes of accelerating talks on a free-trade agreement yesterday in the southern city.
China trade plan wins few friends
Fewer than a quarter of Australian manufacturing companies support a free trade agreement with China, according a survey by the Australian Industry Group.
Crisis to worsen under FTA: union
The crisis in the automotive components sector will continue to worsen as long as the Federal Government permits unfair international competition and refuses to implement a strategic industry policy.
Australia to consider free trade talks
Australia will consider negotiating a free trade agreement with several Middle Eastern countries, Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile said Wednesday.
Gulf trade talks may widen
THE Government will look at expanding its free trade negotiations with the United Arab Emirates to take in a deal with a much wider group of Middle Eastern nations. The member states of the Gulf Co-operation Council - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE - have asked Australia to incorporate the bilateral negotiations into a wider deal.
NZ, Australia should be patient over ASEAN trade deal : Singapore PM
New Zealand and Australia will have to be patient over striking a free trade deal with ASEAN countries, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Monday.
S’pore-Australia FTA can be updated to ’gold standard’: PM Lee
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that the Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement could be updated to become a "gold standard FTA".
Free trade fears in Snowy backflip
The last-minute scrapping of the $3 billion Snowy Hydro float, attributed by the Government to the public outcry at the prospect of losing control of an "icon", may have been partly prompted by fears it would contravene Australia’s free trade agreement negotiated with the US last year.
FTA hurting Thai farmers
A recent study led by Thammasat University academic Rangsan Thanapornpan claims that the Australia-Thailand free trade agreement has benefited only a small group of industrialists, while people in the agricultural sector have been adversely affected.
Australia given signal of services fight
Beijing has told Canberra that opening access to China’s services industry will be the most difficult aspect in bilateral free-trade negotiations, according to an Australian official.
Australia at your service, but China still cagey
After a year of skirmishing, Australia’s free trade discussions with China are taking shape, with China agreeing in principle to include the sensitive areas of government procurement and investment in any agreement.
Court asked to throw out FTA with Australia
FTA opponents yesterday asked the Constitution Court to annul the Thai Australian Free Trade Area agreement (Tafta) on the ground that the Thaksin government entered into it unconstitutionally two years ago.
Free trade match kick-off
Winning the soccer World Cup in Germany next month would be a cinch compared with winning special access to Chinese markets for Australian farmers, investors and service providers.
Bad blood over FTA
Australia’s monopoly blood processor, CSL, has backed Red Cross calls for a ban on plasma imports and warned against opening up the nation’s supply network to overseas companies.
Treasury dismisses bilateral free trade deals in Asia
Australia’s Treasury has dismissed the Australian Government’s quest for bilateral free trade deals in Asia, saying that there are no clear benefits.
Australia, Japan set to launch FTA talks
Australia and Japan expect to launch negotiations on a free trade deal late this year or early in 2007, Trade Minister Mark Vaile said.
US drug company appeals PBS decision
It’s just over a year since the Australia US Free Trade Agreement came into force, opening the door for US drug companies to force a review of decisions about which drugs are subsidised by the Australian Government. Now that power is being used by the US drug company Eli Lilly.