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FTA provides Thai opportunity
The Western Australian office of Sea-Slip Marinas (Australia) Pty Ltd is bidding for more than $500,000 of contracts this year to provide marina pontoons in Thailand.
No change to US trade deal
Australia and the United States have agreed to look at but not act on changes to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two nations at a meeting in Washington.
Australia, US review free trade
AUSTRALIA and the United States have agreed to look but not act on changes to the free trade agreement between the two nations at a meeting in Washington.
Vaile to feel heat over wheat deals
TRADE Minister Mark Vaile is expected to face questions about the Cole inquiry and the future of AWB "single desk" for wheat exports from members of Congress and Government officials during a visit to Washington.
No change likely on sugar in FTA talks
Australia will push the United States to open its protected sugar market at the first review of the free trade agreement (FTA) between the trans-Pacific economic partners.
No trade pact with India: Howard
John Howard is hoping to secure a series of breakthrough agreements covering defence, science and aviation during a four-day visit to India that will focus on forging stronger commercial ties with the emerging powerhouse.
China, Australia hold fourth round of FTA talks
Due to structural differences between the two economies, the talks will focus on agriculture, service and Australia-interested investment.
Free trade agreement - time to criticise big brother
What message does it send to the world when we unquestioningly enter into an agreement with a country who seeks to change the rules of the international game in order to win?
UAE-Australia free trade pact likely this year
A free trade agreement between the UAE and Australia is likely to be concluded by the middle of this year, said a top Australian official. The UAE is also likely to conclude another free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, while the GCC is expected to sign its own FTA with the European Union in May.
Malaysia: FTAs with Pakistan, Australia & NZ to be completed this year
Free Trade Agreement (FTA) initiatives with Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand are expected to be completed this year, Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said Tuesday. She also said that FTA negotiations with the US and India would also begin this year, followed by the launch of a joint feasibility study for a possible FTA between Malaysia and Chile.
Australia joins queue for trade deal
Canberra hopes to reach a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Seoul, Peter Rowe, Australia’s new ambassador to South Korea, said on Thursday. He also underlined that the bilateral trade deal would not hurt South Korea’s agriculture industry.
Fiji: China-Australia free trade agreement puts Fiji in further bind
Fiji’s garment industry will face more problems if a free trade agreement (FTA) is signed between Australia and China, says Fiji Textile Clothing and Footwear President, Ramesh Solanki.
China FTA talks near next phase: Vaile
Australia and China are ready to progress to the next stage of talks on a possible free trade agreement, the federal government says.
New Australian envoy looking ahead to FTA deal
The new Australian Ambassador’s third posting in Korea might be the charm that helps bring Australia-Korea trade relations to its zenith.
Too early to tell on FTAs
Waiting, waiting. It will take time to realise the benefits of our free trade deals with Thailand and the US.
Sondhi alleges Thaksin signs FTA with Australia, China to benefit his IP Star
Sondhi Limthongkul, founder of the Manger Group, alleged that Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra signed free trade agreement contracts with Australia and China with ulterior motive to benefit telecom businesses of his family.
US eyes more FTAs
Australian wheat exports could face further challenge with the Bush administration eyeing possible free trade deals with Egypt, South Korea and Malaysia, and working on one with Thailand.
Pledge given on free trade
A group of United States senators has vowed to fight for a free trade agreement (FTA) with New Zealand after a high-level meeting in Christchurch.
Australia-Thailand free trade deal to be challenged in court
Australia’s booming trade relations with Thailand are in doubt as a constitutional court challenge against the countries’ free trade pact looms in Bangkok.
Urgent call to amend FTA
THE Bracks Government yesterday called on the Federal Government to negotiate "urgent amendments" to the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, claiming Victorian manufacturers had become victims of artificial trade barriers.