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AfCFTA will unlock opportunities for BRICS member countries
In order for businesses to fully take advantage of the opportunities provided by South Africa being part of BRICS and Africa, several infrastructure challenges have to be overcome, which the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) could help solve.
Russia embarks on a major BRICS offensive to upgrade BIT and complete EAEU FTA agreements
Trade meetings with China, Brazil and India are paving the way for a rapid increase in Russia-BRICS trade and underpinning its strengths
Algeria and China sign two agreements to strengthen bilateral ties
Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra and the Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, He Lifen, signed on Monday two agreements to increase bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
Free trade between Eurasian Economic Union & Iran may launch next year
The head of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran said in an interview that the Islamic Republic may implement a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union as of next year.
China floats BRICS free-trade deal, while Russia’s Vladimir Putin calls for an alternative to US dollar
China has proposed a free-trade bloc among the five BRICS countries in a bid to enhance economic ties within the decade-old grouping, as its geopolitical rivalry heats up with the United States.
A week after India pulls out of RCEP, Modi to meet Xi in Brasilia
India and China could look at a bilateral understanding on RCEP, which could mean an opportunity for India to consider joining the pact.
“You dropping BRICS from above? We’re throwing bricks from below!”
Social movements resisting the policies and agendas of Brazil-Russia-India-China-SouthAfrica elites will make their voices heard during the BRICS summit in Johannesburg on 22-27 July.
China announces it will begin “a greater push” to conquer trade in the hemisphere
Chinese Ambassador to Argentina Yang Wanming urged Latin American nations to increase trade ties to China, promoting Beijing’s “One Belt One Road” project and warning Beijing will begin a “greater push” to conquer trade in the hemisphere.
BRICS in Africa: more of the same? Pacs’ study compares investment treaties between the BRICS and African countries
The BRICS Group was born in the century XXI with renewed expectations of changes in the world order through greater participation of the Global South. However, what we have witnessed so far is the consolidation of a new/old unequal world order.
The year 2016 for India – of new beginnings and not-so-happy endings?
While India has been reshaping its arbitration laws and investment climate, the jury is still out on whether these measures will actually help create a more secure legal environment for investors.
Brics dispute resolution mechanism: Challenges ahead, but promises much
Any intra-Brics framework will only be effective if awards rendered by such a body are enforceable without the added difficulty of getting entangled in domestic proceedings.
Push for trade pact will polarise BRICS nations, warns S. Africa
An immediate push for a BRICS Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will polarise heavily-industrialised and lesser-industrialised nations within the five-member grouping, warned South African trade and industry minister.
Brics members to sign pact to reduce non-tariff barriers
The agreement, to be signed during the Brics summit in Goa over the weekend, will boost free trade among the emerging economies
China’s BRICS trade pact idea finds no takers
Other members fear a pact could lead to a surge in imports of Chinese goods, hurting local manufacturing
International arbitration structure skewed in favour of developed nations
Developing countries, including India, should build capacity instead of playing the victim as the structure of international arbitration was heavily biased towards the developed countries, a top Finance Ministry official said.
An international arbitration system for BRICS - is it an imperative for further economic cooperation
The BRICS countries are discussing what kind of arbitration system is needed to settle commercial and investment disputes between them.
At landmark BRICS meet, India raises public health, pharma sector concerns
A high-level panel hosted by India discusses the issues of trade deals that inhibit access to medicines and also limit policy space for governments to legislate in public interest.
Towards post-Western investment law?
International Investment Law (IIL) has always been a battleground of competing paradigms and imaginations of economic world order. Today, the old battles between North and South over the rules of global investment are considered history.
TiSA and the new development bank: two antagonistic proposals
The central banks of BRICS bloc bet on the New Development Bank, while the central countries put their money on TiSA: free trade in services.
The Customs Bill: an unacceptable barrier to climate action
A proposed amendment to the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act (TPA) incorporated into the House version of the US Customs Bill poses significant risks to future progress on climate mitigation if accepted.