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Union, Alliance blast ASEAN FTA
The Maritime Union has blasted a new free trade agreement between New Zealand, Australia and the ASEAN nations, saying it is bad for workers because it includes Burma.
Free trade including Myanmar dictatorship is a slow motion disaster for workers and democracy in both nations
The Alliance Party says the news that New Zealand has negotiated a free trade deal with ASEAN nations that include the fascist dictatorship of Myanmar is a disgrace of historical proportions and is a slow motion disaster for workers in New Zealand and in Myanmar.
Maritime Union criticizes Myanmar connection in free trade deal
The Maritime Union of New Zealand says a free trade deal signed with ASEAN nations including the military dictatorship of Myanmar is bad for workers as it will boost the violently anti-worker regime in Myanmar and threatens workers rights.
Obstacles to EU-Asean FTA
A free-trade agreement between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the European Union is unlikely to take shape soon because of the big discrepancies between Asean members and political problems in Burma, said Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht.
India-Burma BIT approved
The Union Cabinet today gave its approval to Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement with the Government of the Union of Myanmar and ratification thereof.
Thailand-Myanmar investment protection agreement signed
Thailand and its neighbour Myanmar have signed an investment accord aimed at protecting Thai investors and boosting foreign stakes in the diplomatically-isolated country’s economy.
European Union Parliament opposes free trade agreement with ASEAN due to Myanmar issue
The parliament of the European Union will oppose an EU-ASEAN free trade agreement as long as democracy is not restored in Myanmar.
EU trade chief impatient on Doha, Southeast Asia deal
The European Union’s trade chief said on Thursday he was impatient with the lack of progress towards free trade deals in the global Doha round and between the EU and Southeast Asia. The Doha round of talks, launched six years ago, has been deadlocked as the United States and European Union call on developing nations to open up their markets for manufacturers in return for cuts by rich countries to trade-distorting subsidies.
EU lawmakers vow to block free-trade deal with ASEAN without reforms in Myanmar
The European parliament will oppose any free-trade deal between Europe and Southeast Asia unless Myanmar makes democratic reforms, visiting parliamentarians warned Friday.
No US-Asean free trade with Burma present
Current political conditions in Burma make a free-trade deal between the United States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations impossible in the near term, US Trade Representative Susan Schwab said.
ASEAN health warning: Myanmar stunts your growth
Brussels and Washington have taken steps toward free-trade agreements with ASEAN, but they could be stopped in their tracks if the destination was a deal that had to include Myanmar.
Malaysia: Keep Myanmar politics out of ASEAN-EU free trade talks
Myanmar’s political crisis should not be used an excuse to hold up a proposed free trade pact between Europe and Southeast Asian nations, Malaysia’s trade minister has said.
Myanmar should be excluded from ASEAN-EU free trade deal - EU parliamentarians
Myanmar should not be included in the free trade agreement (FTA) between the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the EU following the Yangon military regime’s crackdown on mass protests last week, according to members of the European Parliament visiting Singapore.
Calls to scrap ASEAN trade deal over Burma
The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says the Federal Government should cease Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) free trade negotiations immediately, in line with Burma sanctions.
India-Myanmar trade relations
Myanmar is the gateway to India’s ‘Look East’ policy. India is going all out to strengthen its relationship with Myanmar, especially in trade.
Burmese junta prepares for FTA talks with EU
Asean and the European Union have agreed to allow Burma to participate in free trade agreement talks with the EU, amid signs the military junta is preparing to highlight what it claims are recent democratic advancements.
EU puts Myanmar aside, proceeds FTA talks with Asean
The European Union today agreed to enter into free trade area talks with the Association of South-East Asian Nations despite its strong feeling on the absence of Myanmar’s democratic reforms.
FTA with EU may cut Burma out
A planned free-trade agreement (FTA) between Asean and the European Union hit a snag recently, as the EU might not sign if the agreement includes Burma, says a senior Thai official.
Khusro Bakhtyar proposes early harvest programme, FTA with Myanmar
Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar, has proposed to sign an Early Harvest Programme to be followed by a Free Trade Agreement with Myanmar.
US trade chief comments on ASEAN pact
The United States trade chief said Wednesday a trade pact to be signed with ASEAN nations this week is a great boost to economic relations, but she urged the bloc to do more to push Myanmar toward democracy.