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Ecuadorian VP: EU trade deal ‘is unlike other agreements’
Ecuadorian Vice-President said that the trade agreement recently signed with the EU will generate plenty of opportunities and underpin the changes his country has been working toward in recent years.
MoC seeks trade agreement with South American countries
Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce is negotiating trading arrangements with Mercosur countries like Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Andean Community (CAN) a trade bloc comprising the South American countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to increase it’s trade market access.
Free-trade discord takes toll on flower importers
Since Valentine’s Day, Miami flower importers have watched their expenses climb, contending with rising fuel prices and surcharges and, most vexing of all, the expiration of an Andean trade program that allowed them to bring in flowers from Colombia and Ecuador without paying duties.
Venezuela formally exits Andean nations and waits for Mercosur incorporation
Venezuela formally exited the Andean Community of Nations, CAN, Friday when it stopped belonging to the free trade zone which for 38 years eliminated a full range of tariffs among its members (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia), announced the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs ministry.
The Second Conquest: The EU free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru
This FDCL/TNI publication contains an overview of the FTA’s history, of human rights violations in Colombia and Peru as well as a critical analysis of the draft agreement which recently leaked to the public.
Peru president proposes a Pacific Rim integration for South America
Yesterday, Peruvian President Alan García said he wrote letters to the presidents of Panama, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, proposing the regional integration of the five Pacific rim countries.
Ecuador shakes up international fora
Exiting ICSID and joining ALBA and UNASUR,along with the customs restrictions it applied on its CAN neighbours, are the recent measures that have been taken by the government of Ecuador to demonstrate that there is an alternative trade policy.
The throes of the third round of negotiations of the FTA of Colombia & Peru with the EU
Analysis of the third round of egotiations of a free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and the Andean countries (Ecuador, Peru and Colombia).
IV Round of Colombia-EU FTA negotiations extended
The IV negotiating round between Colombia, Perú, Ecuador and the EU will conclude today, Friday. Important topics include bananas, sugar and intellectual property, which have faced some obstacles during the discussion.
EU targets free trade deals under Swedish presidency
The first trade priority for the upcoming Swedish presidency of the European Union is to close the free trade agreement with South Korea
EU-Andean talks inch forward, but Ecuador threatens to pull out
Negotiations toward a trade-opening deal between the EU and a group of Andean countries hit another snag this week when Ecuador’s president publicly denounced the talks, calling them ‘biased’.
EU’s intellectual property agenda could impair access to medicines in the Andean region
The EU is more aggressive in its approach to intellectual property in trade agreements than the United States, MEPs learn
FTA: The new Andean disease
The Free Trade Agreement or the Association Agreement the European Union is promoting with two of the four countries member of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) risks the continuity of this bloc, but it also represents a threat to access to medications and health of the Andean peoples.
Revised laws ’could promote biopiracy’ in Peru
Modifications to intellectual property laws that the Peruvian government "rushed through" to enable the go-ahead of a free trade agreement (FTA) between Peru and the United States could facilitate biopiracy and hamper Peru’s position as a protector of traditional knowledge, say experts.
EU, Andean Nations struggle forward in trade talks
Intellectual property, a potential regional customs union, human rights, and bananas triggered heated debate last week in Bogota during the first round of negotiations toward a free trade agreement between the European Union and Andean nations Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
Colombia-European Union FTA on track
The FTA will not be negotiated taking the three Latin American countries as a block. The new format designed for the negotiations is an unique multi party agreement in which each country’s particular interests will be taken into consideration regarding specific products, but all framed within the same agreement.
Spain expects to sign Peru-EU deal when takes bloc presidency in 2010
Peru’s Foreign minister Jose Antonio García Belaunde said Saturday that Spain wants to sign formally the Association Agreement between Peru and the European Union (EU), when this country takes on presidency of the bloc in 2010.
Ecuador, EU to explore trade
Ecuador President Rafael Correa approved negotiation of a bilateral agreement with the European Union because of the impossibility to do it in a block through the Community of Andean Nations.
Health protection in the Association Agreement between the European Union and the Andean Community
This new publication from Health Action International critically reviews the European proposals on intellectual property and discusses the impact they will have on access to essential medicines in the CAN countries.
EU: Agrees to trade agreement with Colombia, Peru
EU ministers from member states’ Fishing and Agriculture Ministries agreed to allow modifications that will enable the European Union to negotiate association agreements and business deals on a bilateral level with Colombia and Peru instead of having to deal with the entire Community of Andean Nations (CAN) as a bloc