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Successor to EU-Africa Cotonou treaty marks ‘turning point’, says EU
The EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific Community on Thursday (15 April) finalised the successor to the Cotonou agreement, bringing a close to two and a half years of negotiations and repeated delays.
Suriname signs CARIFORUM-UK EPA
Suriname joined the UK and 13 other CARIFORUM States that have already signed the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Has the EU-CARIFORUM EPA worked?
A report prepared for the European Commission was published last month to evaluate the outcomes of the agreement.
Can CARICOM-Canada Trade And Investment Flows Be Revitalised?
Canada, although having a long-standing relationship with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and its Member States, being in the hemisphere and the Commonwealth and the third major trading partner, does not usually generate much attention and scrutiny in the region. The planned visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February, as Canada campaigned for a seat on the United Nations (UN) Security Council, sparked region-wide media interest. This visit was postponed. Canada was unsuccessful in its bid for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council.
CDB, IDB sign agreement to support economic development in Caricom
The Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) on Monday signed an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to support economic development and integration of the Caribbean Community (Caricom).
ACP-EU post-Cotonou negotiations: Towards the finish line
Mobility and migration is proving a difficult issue between the EU, African and Caribbean countries. Development cooperation is yet to be treated in these negotiations.
UK secures post-Brexit trade deal with group of Caribbean countries
Push to tie up rollover deals now covers about one third of UK’s £117bn annual trade.
Peru: Final statement from the people’s summit
The representatives of social and popular organizations of Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean, met in Lima, Peru from April 10 to 14, 2018 to discuss the political, social and economic reality of Our America.
ISDS in numbers
Impacts of investment arbitration against Latin America and the Carribbean.
EPA plan to be reset
Barbados is resetting its implementation strategy of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union as Britain prepares to exit the EU.
Bad agreement for the Caribbean
The evidence is clear: after 10 years of the EPA, the promised benefits have not been realized.
Cracks appear in EU-ACP unity at Cotonou meeting in Dakar
Dissent was heard at the high-level meeting in Dakar of the EU and the 79-member states of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group.
Documents suggest Europe sees future Caribbean ties within ambit of CELAC
If for the Caribbean the future relationship with EU is to be less about trade and development and more about a political dialogue, new thinking and a fundamental re-assessment of the balance in external relations is required.
St Kitts and Nevis seeking an extension on EPA deadlines
The St. Kitts-Nevis government remains concerned that it could come out worse off if it starts to implement duty free access for European goods coming into the federation and it is seeking an extension in implementing certain measures under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that it and other Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) countries signed with Europe in 2008.
‘No doubts’ in Caribbean forging ahead with EPA says official
A top Caribbean Forum (Cariforum) executive wants to put to rest doubts that region will not be able to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed into effect between CARIFORUM and the European Union (EU) since 2008.
EPA official dismisses claims of feet dragging
A top official in charge of Antigua & Barbuda’s implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has struck aside charges that the state has been dragging its feet on giving effect to the pact signed in 2008 with the European Union (EU)
Agreement with Europe begins to kick
A statement credited to Alexander Walford, Policy Officer of the Caribbean-European Union in the European Commission, says that eight Caribbean countries have not implemented tariff cuts on EU goods as required by the Economic Partnership Agreement signed in 2008.
EU, CARIFORUM officials holding talks
A dialogue between European Union (EU) and Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) countries began in Dominica on Friday with Europe indicating that in the not too far distance, a new strategy outlining greater cooperation between the two regions could be finalised.
European Commission/CARIFORUM Agreements to Boost Regional Integration
According to a news release from the CARICOM Secretariat, the Caribbean Forum of African Caribbean and Pacific States (CARIFORUM) and the European Commission (EC) on Wednesday (Mar. 28) signed three financial agreements designed to boost the Caribbean Region’s ability to deliver tangible results of integration to its populace.
EU bemoans pace of EPA implementation
The European Union (EU) representative to the region on Thursday pulled no punches as he criticised regional governments and the private sector for moving slowly to give effect to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that was signed more than three years ago.