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WTO’s Lamy warns over China’s pursuit of separate free trade agreements
WTO chief Pascal Lamy on Wednesday warned that China’s pursuit of separate bilateral and regional free trade agreements would harm its long-term commercial interests.
China, Cyprus sign agreement on economic cooperation
China and Cyrus signed an economic cooperation agreement on Wednesday, pledging to strengthen and develop bilateral cooperation in the sectors of trade, research, science and technology.
Australia gives China deadline for access
Australia told Beijing today it wanted access to China’s services market by the end of the year, saying it needed to see real progress as the sixth round of free trade talks begin.
Manufacturers face testing times with China, study shows
Australian manufacturers are experiencing increased competitive pressures in their dealings with China, while at the same time they now see China as the most important market in which to grow their business outside Australia, according to a major new study released today by the Australian Industry Group.
A bridge between Asia and South America
In the last few months, Chile has made it clear that it intends to become a trade platform between the vast Asia Pacific region and the Andean countries, by means of trade treaties and political integration. Prompt re-entry into the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) would be a step in that direction.
Plan B: keep talking
Having initiated the idea of a free trade agreement with China, the Howard Government has been stung by its implications and has fallen back to a strategy of caution and protracted negotiation that will extend beyond the 2007 national election.
Singapore, China to launch talks for bilateral FTA
Singapore and China will start negotiations for a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Bachelet signs China-Chile free-trade agreement
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed a free-trade agreement with China to increase sales of copper, fruit and fish oil to Asia’s second-biggest economy.
Manufacturing tariffs to stay in China FTA
The Federal Industry Minister has ruled out abolishing import tariffs in the automotive and clothing industries as part of a free trade agreement with China.
Textiles ’not negotiable’ in China FTA
Industry plans for Australia’s manufacturing, textile and clothing industries are not up for negotiation in a free trade deal with China, the federal government says.
CEOs will focus on NAFTA region
The region covered by the North American Free Trade Agreement will loom large as chief executives across all industries plot their growth in 2007, according to a survey commissioned by the New York Stock Exchange. The executives listed the US and China as the top two "strategically important" countries.
Beazley takes aim at China trade deal
Labor leader Kim Beazley has accused a China-based Australian of growing rich on Australian intellectual property and wants the Government to slowly ditch trade negotiations with China.
Manufacturers await free trade decision
As free trade deals go, it’s got the potential to be a whopper. The Australian manufacturing industry though, is nervously awaiting the outcome of a Federal Cabinet debate today on a free trade deal with China. Cabinet ministers will consider if it should offer to cut tariffs on Chinese imports in return for greater access to China’s services industry.
Canberra’s cold feet risk lukewarm FTA
How is the debate inside cabinet about what should be put on the table for the free trade agreement with China and what should be kept in the cupboard, playing in Beijing’s secretive pagodas of power?
Lost in statistics
The figures show Thais are winning with free trade - yet many of the nation’s small farmers, struggling just to scrape by, are looking to lessons learned around the world.
Partial trade deal on the table with China
The GCC and China seem more determined than ever to pursue the goal of attaining a free trade agreement (FTA) in the not-too-distant future.
PM defends FTA agreements
Defending himself and his government against criticisms of free trade area (FTA) agreements Thailand negotiated with foreign countries, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Saturday said that the FTAs had helped boost trade and increase the country’s exports.
South Africa: Opportunities abound as world woos Africa
Washington recently played host to the annual African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) forum, an annual event mandated by the Agoa legislation which brings together stakeholders from Africa and the US.
Chile, China ratify free trade accord
Chile’s Senate on Wednesday unanimously voted to ratify a free trade agreement with China, Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley said.
GCC-China agreement on services to take time
China is optimistic of concluding the first part of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the six-nation GCC block by the end of this year, but the second part may take more time, officials said yesterday.