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China wants fast-tracked trade deal
China wants a breakthrough on a free trade deal with Australia within two years, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says.
Economic sectors split in bid to secure China FTA
Australia is to break the link between key economic sectors, to start formal negotiations with China on a free trade agreement (FTA). The offers on goods and agriculture will start before work on services and investment.
On trade, the US and China need to go global
With President Hu Jintao due to visit the United States, there is an urgent need for a cease-fire in the war of words between China and the United States over trade.
China’s largest bank plans India foray
After almost two years since Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation exited India, the biggest Chinese bank-Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)-has evinced interest in setting up operations in India.
Govt eyes FTAs with China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea
The Indian government said it is looking at the possibility of Free Trade Agreements with a host of nations including Japan, China and Korea, with a view to increase India’s trade with the Asian countries.
Inching closer to a bilateral deal
Indian and Chinese economic relationship is set to get a leg up with the two countries closing in on signing a Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (BIPA), which will help investments from across the border, some of which have been seen with suspicion in the recent past.
Southern Africa: SADC hopeful of India, China trade negotiations
Southern African Development Community (SADC) hopes to start trade talks with China and India at the forthcoming SADC Council of Ministers Consultative Conference in Windhoek, Namibia next month.
Thai chicken export to benefit from Sino-Thai FTA: KRC
The export of Thai chicken and products will benefit from the opening of a free trade area between Thailand and China although the latter is becoming a remarkable rival, according to the Kasikorn Research Center.
China rivalry fuels Japan’s FTA drive
Japan is revving up its drive toward free-trade agreements, or FTAs, with trading partners, largely fueled by an intensifying rivalry with China, a rapidly ascendant economic as well as military power.
A slow boat to Chinese access at FTA talks
Australian negotiators face an uphill battle persuading China to grant special access to its service industries or farmers, in free trade agreement negotiations now in full swing.
Beijing neglects trade rule
CHINA is now in the World Trade Organisation and is negotiating free trade agreements. It wants to be a player in the game of world trade. Yet it does not understand the rules of that game. How else to explain Beijing’s decision this week to control the price of exports of iron ore from Australia and Brazil? This is not permitted in the WTO world of multilateral trade.
Farmers could access China markets
Key rural commodities including wine, milk and wool will be in keen demand from China if a free trade agreement with Australia is struck, a new report has found.
Goff’s slow boat to China
A comprehensive and high-quality free trade deal with China will not be sacrificed for one that is "quick and dirty", Trade Minister Phil Goff says.
Korea in no hurry for China FTA
South Korea’s Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong Wednesday said the country should think twice about a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, which has yet to begin because of its possible drawbacks to local industries.
Friend and foe
China is muscling its way not only into the global economy but also into Africa, a world that SA companies might have thought was their oyster after the walls of apartheid came down a decade ago.
China, Australia hold fourth round of FTA talks
Due to structural differences between the two economies, the talks will focus on agriculture, service and Australia-interested investment.
Eastern promise
Trade and investment. Not words which always set the pulse racing, the heart pounding.
Fiji: China-Australia free trade agreement puts Fiji in further bind
Fiji’s garment industry will face more problems if a free trade agreement (FTA) is signed between Australia and China, says Fiji Textile Clothing and Footwear President, Ramesh Solanki.
China established nine FTAs in past five years
China has established nine free trade areas (FTA) with different partners during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period (2001-2005), covering one fourth of China’s total foreign trade, according to Ministry of Commerce.
Chinese food makes Thais uneasy
A free-trade agreement (FTA) that Thailand signed with China a little over two years ago has begun to worry politicians and academics, who say it has proved disastrous for the Southeast Asian country’s farmers.